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Alexandra Chalupa is the Ukrainian_American former DNC staffer who tried to alert the nation of the danger that was Paul Manafort before the 2016 election and was subsequently smeared by Republicans for her efforts.

So when she saw the below clip from the Laura Ingraham show on Fox, slandering the NSC official who will testify for the Impeachment hearings today, she felt duty bound to respond.

That’s John Yoo, who wrote the torture memo for the Bush admin, Nazi Princess Ingraham, and Dersh, the accused child predator, smearing a man who was wounded in Iraq to benefit the Traitor-in-Chief.

Alexandra’s response:

One one side of this dispute, Ukrainian-American immigrants who proudly serve their adopted country, on the other, natives who would sell their birthright on the cheap for an Un-American Putin loving clown.

I know whose side I am on.

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  1. It’s families like this that made this country what it is today, not like the republitards that are trying to disrupt what our forefathers collectively sought for this Republic

    • My dad got the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and that Infrantry Badge among others in WW2. He never would talk about the war. My mom told me he got shit in the arm and to get the bullet out his knock out was two large marines held him down while doctor dug out the bullet.

  2. After all is said and done, we’re all “Ukrainian spies” in the eyes of the Mango Mussolini. No one and nothing in history has betrayed the nation and defiled the presidency as tRump has.

  3. There isn’t o would about it. The trump Fox News pundits have sold themselves for the Putin narrative. Ingraham is number one on the list. Just leave the tip on the dresser with her. David Hoag set her ass straight once I guess it’s wore off. Disappoints me. We haven’t heard much from them. Coming election they need to get out. I did hear some of them have been having problems. My heart goes out to them.


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