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Unpopular President Donald Trump’s biggest charlatan cheerleader, and craven conspiracist Alex Jones has some very distressing news for those followers that thought Donald Trump was going to expose aliens and the truth about 9/11* when he became president: Trump is being drugged! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I was told this by high level sources and it was evident and especially after Reagan was shot in his first year in office when he was acting like Trump, and doing the right things, that he never really recovered. They gave him cold blood, and his transfusion that causes brain damage. They slowly gave him small amounts of sedatives. It’s known that most presidents end up getting drugged. Small dosages of sedatives till they build it up, Trump’s such a bull he hasn’t fully understood it yet.

But I’ve talked to people, multiple ones, and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they’re building up that’s also addictive in his Diet Cokes and in his iced tea and that the president by 6 or 7 at night is basically slurring his words and is drugged. Now first they had to isolate him to do that. But yes, ladies and gentleman, I’ve talked to people that talk to the president now at 9 at night, he is slurring his words. And I’m going to leave it at that. I’ve talked to folks that have talked to him directly…

Now I’m risking my life, by the way, to tell you all this… They drug presidents because the power structure wants a puppet. The president needs his blood tested by an outside physician he trusts.”

He is risking his life, y’all! Considering how many times Jones has seemingly “risked his life,” to bring all of us red-blooded, non-lizard people, the “truth,” it’s amazing that he’s still alive. Amazing. Unbelievable, really. Wait a minute! Alex Jones is in on it!

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