Alex Jones: Democrats are Launching a Civil War on July 4th!!

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Alex Jones, right-wing nut-job conspiracy theorist and fake news spreader, claims that a Civil War, a product of Democratic planning, is at the ready with a “launch” planned for July 4th.

This isn’t the first time Jones has spewed this type of rhetoric.  On July 21st, 2017, Newsweek reported that he, along with other conservatives, were calling for a civil war against liberals, and he has gone on InfoWars prior to this new proclamation and discussed the same conspiracy.

Now, typically, this kind of nonsense should just be ignored by Democrats, but this time, Twitter user WisePaxCat sent out this great tweet.

The replies are hilarious, but here are just a few.

If you have time, read them all.


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The only difference for this 4th, is most Demos and other anti-Trumps will be flying and celebrating the America we have always known. You know, the one founded on freedom, liberty and justice for all?

It actually surprises me that Trump has not tried to re-design the Star & Stripes. Something with a new slogan more like maybe, “A Lie in Time Saves 9″… But then he is not out of office yet.