Alex Acosta Just Threw Jeffrey Epstein Under The Bus, As White House Distances Itself


Alex Acosta is not only endorsing federal law enforcement pursuing Jeffrey Epstein for “horrific crimes,” he is ignoring his own law-breaking at the time of Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement in 2008. Acosta was then a U.S. Attorney in Florida and he broke the law by not informing the victims of the non-prosecution agreement, thereby depriving them of their legal right to object. This is the salient fact in people ranging from Nancy Pelosi to Fox News anchors asking Acosta to resign — and he’s just shining it on, like it doesn’t exist.

Meanwhile, Hatch Act violator Kellyanne Conway is defending her fellow law breaker, Acosta, on Fox News, saying what a great labor secretary he’s been and being critical of those who would dare to confront Acosta on his record, saying it’s all so long ago. Plus, she states that Trump doesn’t talk to Epstein anymore, so that makes it all okay, I guess. The White House wants nothing to do with this, plain and simple.

What’s intriguing about Trump saying he’s not a fan of Epstein’s — anymore, he clearly was at one time — is that Epstein is now free to pull any dirt he has on Trump out of the closet with impunity. If he’s not going to get any help from Trump, why would he protect him? It will be interesting to watch where this goes.


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