Nobody likes false advertising, dagummit.  So if you take your fool butt to a party that says, “Get Covid” now, you expect to get yourself some C-O-V-I-D.  Well guess what?  In Alberta, Canada, where some parts are like if there was a conservative amalgamation of a state called Texabama culturally but freezing, participants did just that.

CityNews reported Thursday that guests at the party, which took place about two weeks ago in the town of Edson, Alberta, were trying to get infected with the virus to “build up natural immunity” rather than get vaccinated. Some party attendees ended up in the local hospital, while others wound up in the intensive care unit in Edmonton, about two hours east of Edson, according to CityNews.

The mayor called it troubling, on Twitter.  Well ya.

“While the Town of Edson was not aware of any such party occurring, these types of events would be highly dangerous and needlessly endanger lives,” he wrote.

“It is true that we have many residents in ICU in Edmonton and unfortunately 3 Edson area residents have lost their lives in recent days due to COVID.”

Alberta has the worst Covid numbers of any province, so of course this was one of Prime Minister Trudeau’s worst locations in his Liberal Party’s most recent election.

But imagine the Yelp reviews.

“The party was the bombdiggity..The Covid was delivered quickly and with the immunity strengthening properties promised!  My friend was dead in days however, his last blood work had amazing white count!”

“I like it when I am promised Covid I get what I pay with my life for.”

“They delivered as promised.  It’s like Uber Eats but for death!  It was fast, lethal, I was in the ICU in days.”

“My immunity has never felt better.”

It appears natural selection is truly at work.  Not sure whether to feel awful for Canada, or to feel awful for Canada AND feel slightly less ashamed it is in more places than just the USA.


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