After over fifteen years of fighting to maintain the wall separating church and state in the U.S. military and seeing a lot of crazy stuff, there aren’t many things that can surprise those of us at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF). But this one, sent to MRFF by one of its clients at Yokota Air Base in Japan, was crazy enough make our jaws drop.

It seems, as reported by Stars and Stripes, that there’s a chaplain on this Air Base, Captain Lance Brown, who has been “cleansing” homes on the base where “odd things occur.”

Yes, apparently Yokota Air Base is haunted, and what’s needed to drive out the demonic forces are annointings by a Pentecostal Church of God chaplain.

As the ghost-busting chaplain told Stars and Stripes, “Ghosts or spiritual demonic activity, things of an evil nature, God combats that. We have the ability to be that beacon of hope as people invite us.”

But first the good chaplain must use his Pentecostal gifts determine whether or not the home really is possessed. As he further told Stars and Stripes, “We discuss what they are seeing, hearing and sensing to determine if it’s just a creaky house or if something evil is going on here. Some people call it a “spidey sense,” but we refer to it as a discernment of spirits, a heightened sense of things that are different or off.”

But don’t worry, home cleanses are not officially sanctioned by the Air Force, Chaplain Brown told Stars and Stripes, because that might be worrisome.

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