Donald Trump’s top cop, Attorney General William Barr, had a private meeting in New York with none other than the ogre of media, Rupert Murdoch. According to The New York Times, Murdoch and Barr met Wednesday at Murdoch’s residence. Whether or not there were any others in attendance is not clear, and what the two men discussed over eye of newt and goblets of blood is also unknown. What is known is that Murdoch is powerful and he represents a lot of right-wing propaganda outlets, and Barr is suspected of having involved himself in high crimes and treason.

Fox News has been a poisonous beacon of Trump’s misinformation campaign against the world and reality for the past few years but in recent months, the cable network’s unwavering support of the president has shown some cracks. This has been coupled with random attacks from the sputtering orange white supremacist himself, unhappy at the network for what he has seemingly perceived as a betrayal on their part.

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    • No, treason gets you the firing squad. Actually still on the books last I heard. Back in 80’s or 90’s can’t remember.

  1. Well you have to keep your options open. And Barr ain’t as stupid as Rudy. He knows when trump has your back like back in school when they got you with the old kick me sign on your back. Course under trump it’s shoot me but hey progress and all


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