AG Whitaker went from congressional hearings to Trump International Hotel, Twitter had a field day

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CNBC Television / YouTube

After acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s bizarre appearance in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Friday, Feb. 8, the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman reported his whereabouts shortly thereafter.

Seriously? Yes. Seriously. Trump and Whitaker’s relationship preceding the announcement that Whitaker would take over for the fired resigning Jeff Sessions was already dubious. The issue, of course, is why would anyone choose a convicted fraudster to be in any high-ranking executive position in our government?* No one knows exactly what business Whitaker had to attend to at Trump International in D.C., but the Twitterverse had some ideas.

Sounds about right.

Funny, but Trump is nowhere near as charismatic as Michael Corleone!

That is what I’m talking about!

So many conspiracy theories about that meeting.

Just sayin’!

Always need a Simpsons GIF!


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