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Anyone who thought John Kelly was the adult in the room, the White House daycare handler who was stable, reasonable, representing all-American values and steering the toddler-in-chief to higher moral ground can firmly and permanently set that notion aside. The former 4-star U.S. Marine Corp. general not only showed a shocking lack of empathy and leadership throughout an interview, he was factually, historically wrong.

As Fox News host Laura Ingraham asked for his opinion on the burning hot issue of removing Confederate statues, just what viewers wanted to hear about on the day Mueller indictments dominated the news on all other channels, John Kelly gloated about the “honorable” Robert E. Lee taking a stand for his state and said the Civil War happened because of the inability to compromise. REALLY. He said that. 

Kelly also stubbornly said that he would ‘never’ apologize to Rep. Frederica Wilson after his inaccurate and thinly veiled racist comments directed toward her in a nationally televised press conference were proven to be wrong when video surfaced proving Rep. Wilson’s recollection of the event.

Needless to say, the entire interview set social media on fire and none responded better than Ta-Nehisi Coates, one of the best writers in America. He wasted no time delivering an absolutely brutal takedown of John Kelly’s historically inaccurate comments and he set the record straight in impromptu class on the Civil War. If you do nothing else today, read this thread.

Thoughts and prayers on the death of your dignity, John Kelly.

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