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Telling reporters on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews that he had commuted the sentence of former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and pardoned former San Francisco 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo, financier Michael Milken, and former New York City police commissioner Bernard Kerik, President Donald Trump said that in his own opinion he was the country’s top cop.

“I’m actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country,” Trump said.


“NARRATOR: He is not the chief law enforcement officer in the country,” tweeted filmmaker Billy Corben.

As Attorney General, a position created by the Judiciary Act of 1789, William Barr is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer.

But, as New York Times reporter Charlie Savage pointed out on Twitter, Barr himself endorses Trump’s view.

“William Barr likes to say that the president is the chief law enforcement officer of the country,” said Savage. “It’s part of his unitary executive theory mindset.”

Trump’s decision to commute and pardon Tuesday’s quartet was seen by observers as another example of the president’s corruption.

In a statement, Common Cause Illinois said that by commuting Blagojevich’s sentence, Trump was sending a clear message to other corrupt politicians.

“This decision is wrong and deprives the people of Illinois the justice they deserve,” the group said. “After consistently ignoring our nation’s ethics norms and laws for the last three years, President Trump has now chosen to side with the long line of Illinois politicians that have been imprisoned or had their careers ended due to corruption.”

Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.) issued a scathing statement on the pardons, drawing attention to Milken’s crimes in particular.

“Trump has used pardons almost exclusively to shield unrepentant felons, racists, and corrupt scoundrels like Blagojevich and now Milken, one of the most prolific financial criminals in U.S. history,” said Pascrell. “The presidential pardon is sacred under the Constitution and perhaps represents Trump’s most dangerous abuse of power precisely because the pardon power is unfettered and cannot be reviewed by Congress or the courts.”

In a statement, Media Matters for America spokesperson Laura Keiter said that Trump’s tying of the pardons and commutations to Fox News was just another example of the corrupting influence of the network.

“President Trump’s pardon of Bernard Kerik and commutation of Rod Blagojevich’s sentence are further proof that Fox News continues to help drive the agenda of Trump’s White House,” said Keiter. “This is the 11th time that Trump’s use of executive clemency and pardons has been linked to his Fox News obsession.”

Blagojevich’s appearance on Trump’s long-lived NBC reality show “The Apprentice” and the president’s history of attacking the Central Park Five present a telling contrast, said Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington researcher Robert Maguire.

“As Trump commutes the sentence of a former contestant on his reality TV show who went to jail for crimes he was literally caught committing, it’s worth noting that Trump called for the Central Park Five to get the death penalty, and he still thinks they’re guilty,” said Maguire.

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  1. This guy is out of control. I suppose if Manson was still alive he would pardon him too. This is not going to be good for him politically. He’s trying to head straight into the iceberg and really sink the SSTRUMPTANIC. Keep it up you fcking moron

  2. The lunatic has taken over the asylum where absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Quite a regime you have there, sure hope something happens to it..

  3. He is only the (chief Bullshitter ),and
    I believe he thinks that he’s become king .
    But he’s only a Trump the court jester and clown.
    He takes himself to seriously!
    He actually thinks he’s the smartest guy around,
    but he’s making an ass of himself and Barr as well .
    As well as the Republicans. They know him for what he is , and can’t get away from him now .
    They are preying (something,
    or someone), takes him out of office.

  4. We people (Democrats,Independents) better wake up and get him the fu*k out of their! Bernie Sanders is NOT THE MAN to do it. If Bernie gets the nomination, were in trouble, Trump will beat him! Main thing is Health care we do not want Medicare for ALL!!!! Trump will beat the Socialist all to hell! Remember reading this if Bernie is Nominated!!!!

    • I believe we do want health care for all ,
      like every other developed country on the planet.
      We , the wealthiest country ever in recorded history, say we can’t afford to provide for all our folks , but we give money to other countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, Cutter , and all the country’s
      We’ve gone to war with . Health care for all .
      We’ve also spent more on the invasions of other countries than the rest of the world combined.
      Spending about a trillion dollars a year to invade
      and kill , and then rebuild them while we fall apart .
      We’ve got a President that madder than ( King George ),
      Freeing felons that are his friends and donors.
      I shorted are a mess . Health care for all will be much cheaper than it is now, because most of the bankruptcies
      are the results of our unaffordable health care .
      The money’s that are lost to drugs and doctors as well as hospitals, is impossible for the average person to pay .
      The equipment is there the hospitals are there , the medicine is there , but for a few dollars, that only the well off can afford, it’s truly a crime against the public .
      The government waists more on wars than that not counting enormously expensive weapons. AND WE CANT AFFORD TO TAKE CARE OF OUR PEOPLE ?
      American citizens are our families.
      Tell me how we can’t afford that again !
      And we can’t afford to deal with climate change that’s killing our planet. What can we afford to do if we don’t have a livable planet . What good will all the gold , money and , Realestate ,trillions of dollars sitting in (dead wealthy peoples) accounts , if we can’t live on our planet.
      Our country is already a socialist country , with most of the money going to the socialist military, security, federal, state, local governments, as well as fire departments police departments, and TSA , security for our political system .
      If that’s not socialism ,what to hell is it ?

      • Ok i will tell you this. I have Medicare and i think it Sucks! I had BCBS and had to give it up because i was disabled! I NOW pay more then i did with BCBS and my prescriptions were cheaper with them (BCBS).
        If Bernie is the last one standing, i will of course vote for him (Bernie), i Wouldn’t vote for Trump if Tulsi was the last one standing (SO SAD) . The problem is Bernie WILL NOT BEAT TRUMP! Trump will beat socialism to death the people will buy it and we will have the “mad Jester” back at it again! DO WE REALLY WANT FOUR (4) MORE YEARS OF TRUMP….THINK ABOUT IT! Lets put Biden in their. Clean up all the BS that Trump messed up. Lets face it, He can start from day One. He has been their, He knows how everything runs. Besides he’s willing to FIX Obama care not Gut it! He also does not want to REBUILD the entire Government! We have enough problems just putting things back together as they were. Then in 2024, lets talk about something different, as long as it’s a Democrat!. I fully believe Biden will be a one term president (Age). We still do not know who their running mates are?

        • Unfortunately getting old sucks, and Medicare is part of getting old for most of us .( lm past 80 ) .
          But it’s the best we get so far , and
          it’s what we paid for .
          We’ve become a socialist state after WWII .
          Nothing stops this from happening ,because we live on credit , which is debt . And demand federal and state support for our health care .
          Our support for the mega rich is whats killeing our country . All of the wealth that’s given to the meg rich
          ends up in bank and wall street accounts, and doesn’t bet into the general economy.
          The poor care choking ,and are choking what’s left of the middle class , while Trump gives huge tax breaks to the rich .
          This can only stop , by rebalancing our system,
          which is socialism , no matter what we call it .
          Otherwise we are ”Trump’s banana republic”! .
          And next ,—we have revolution .
          We must stop the (huge transfer ) of wealth to the
          one percent , who certainly don’t earn it .

          • That is what i’m really hoping Does not happen…a Civil War! I agree the Rich 1% are ruining this country, they ALL need to be paying A lot more in taxes, but with trump their, that will Not happen. Look at our deficit over a trillion! What the hell happen to the republicans bitching about that in the past. Unfortunately the Children that are growing up now will have to pay for Trump and the Republicans FU*K ups! Regardless of what, Bernie and.. Warren for that fact will NOT BEAT TRUMP if either one of them win the nomination.
            One problem is we have to many people running which is taking away voters from the other candidates that REALLY have a chance of winning, which in turn will cause Trump to win a fourth term! Whether we have “socialism” now or not does not matter Trump will pound in the peoples mind that Bernie and Warren stand for it and he will Win!

          • The problem as we see it is ,we can only
            work with what we have to work with !
            We can’t Change our past mistakes, but if
            our voters aren’t able to see the
            truth about Trump , we can’t stop another politician from doing the same thing .
            I am ( to some extent) , blaming the Supreme Court , because these people are supposed to be
            smarter than the way they are acting .
            But at the end of the day , the majority rules!
            If we cannot rule ourselves properly, we don’t deserve to be the worlds best country ,and we will not be .


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