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So, in case you missed it yesterday, Hillary Clinton has been cleared of all wrongdoing in the “big” email controversy that sent both right-wing propagandists and the mainstream media into histrionics prior to the “Jesus Christ, I can’t believe this is even close” election of 2016.

As fresh scandals popped up nearly every day exposing Donald Trump’s pettiness, venality, incompetence, stupidity, corrupt intent, and general unfitness for office, the media glommed onto a few Hillary peccadilloes and hung on like a pit bull jonesing for a taste of bone marrow.

The New York Times, in the interests of “balance,” played along, with evident enthusiasm.

And now:


Well, we learned our lesson, didn’t we? When one candidate is a f*#king diaper fire on top of a dumpster fire on top of a tire fire (and after that, it’s severe crotch burning all the way down), maybe “balance” should go out the window. How about we give equal time to every relevant scandal instead of trying to make this a horse race by shooting one of the horses in the leg?

Meanwhile, because our country was so concerned about “security,” we have a president who walks around 24/7 with an unsecured cellphone (you can read about that in the, er, New York Times) and (either clumsily or deliberately) spilled classified secrets to the Russians in the Oval Office, necessitating the exfil of a high-level spy from Russia.

So I sure hope the media have learned their lesson. But I doubt it.

There are literally hundreds of Trump-related scandals and outrages they could endlessly flog in 2020, but why do I get the feeling they’re going to latch onto one or two minor issues surrounding our nominee and beat those to death?

Because this is the American media, and it’s all just a circus, right?

Send in the motherf#*king clowns.


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  1. I am surprised they even admitted she was innocent. And now you have Barr trying to manufacture evidence on Mueller. When are they going to figure it out. Trump done faked the pooch on this. It’s spilling out the seams. I already said what does it matter in a court of law. Trump broke laws on election. Period. Get over it.

  2. The NYT lost its leadership in the print media years ago. In many ways, they have become pulp fiction, although they still have some great journalists. Cancelled my subscription in protest years ago.

    Much news that’s unfit to print.


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