Inside Edition / YouTube Donald Trump Fires Back at Golf...
Inside Edition / YouTube

Looks like his head got cropped out in the first photo (lucky you), but if you really want to see it, you can click on the tweet and see how smug and cheery he looks.

Looks like a great time, huh? It’s almost as if no one had been shot by a white nationalist who’d cribbed all his ideas for his manifesto from Trump’s hate rallies.

Oh, and here he was last night, diligently tweeting:

Oh, that’s nice, despite the misspelling of “El Paso” and the unnecessary capitalization. (Helpful tip: When consoling an entire American city after a horrific tragedy, use spellcheck.)

But still, nearly presidential.

Uh …

Wait for it …

Fourteen minutes later:

Hmm, it’s almost like he doesn’t care about this tragedy at all. Weird, huh?


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