AFRAID! Trump advisor peddles bot conspiracy – Beto campaign flags it, calls out big tech companies.

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Look into these eyes and repeat the United States Senate Oath of Office with them, Senator Mitch McConnell, because we have been thrust into a war zone and you know it!  Make no mistake about it, America!

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

We are a nation under siege from enemies foreign and domestic.









The recent bot attack on Beto O’Rourke was full-scale in force, the largest on record this election cycle thus far.  Enemies foreign and domestic see him growing and threatening their stranglehold on power.  They see him giving back our country to us. The magnitude of this attack is a dead giveaway, tens of thousands of shares and retweets in mere moments.

Code red.

There can be no doubt they want no piece of candidate O’Rourke.  I firmly believe Trump himself is afraid of O’Rourke!

I’m so proud of our big bad threat from Texas!

We the people and our candidates demand the very thing that keeps us a free country. This time we will #FairFight2020 for Free and Fair Elections and Mitch, you must know we can impeach your Traitor ass too, right?  We definitely should!

WTF is your problem anyways?  The Democratic Party has hand-delivered two critical election security bills you choked off and strangled at your desk the instant they arrived, knowing damn well Russia plots election interference “as we sit here”, again.

A bot attack like the ones we saw 2016 just happened this past week.

Call it Q’Anon, RW groups, whatever you will.  Underground white supremacists’ servers have been infiltrated by foreign intelligence to such an extreme, not even they can distinguish foreign from domestic. The separation is pure BS propaganda and the grouping is perfectly fitting.  They are inseparable.

Driven to hate, sometimes to kill, never alone.  It’s all the same virulent strain of bacteria.

Pathogenic.  Parasitic.

Cyberwarfare is the convenient cowardly cop-out viral creep-around alternative to a land war against our military, but the absence of Sherman tanks in no way diminishes the current threat of foreign/domestic invaders.

The Internet is their new front.  We declare them an enemy, a clear and present danger.

We may not be able to straight-up spot big-booted troops chiseled in solid shapes, growing bigger and more menacing as they emerge from thick fog into our cross-hairs.  Nor can we target soft silhouettes dancing far away in the background like wisps of a candle flickering in a cold open windowsill.  Eerily again it seems the lens of our scope remains clouded to even the faintest human shadow.  They trudge invisible without lines, lacking formation, through heavy soaked sands of shores, past blasts of bullets and bombs of terror.

BOOM.  Crack.  Poof.

Loud.  Softer.  Silent…

They’re here, again.  

They lurk behind our computer screens.

Cyber civil war, again.

In America.

They’re tracking social media activity, profiling family and friends, brothers and sisters, black and white, gay and straight, Democratic, Republicans, Independents, curious spectators.

Self-automated crews work around the clock harvesting minefields of data and penetrating portals exposed by blind, insatiable social media giants like Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s how Beto campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon confronted the attack:

Big tech is letting our country slip away into a sinkhole, the integrity of the American election system fractured, crumbling to its foundation.   The level of irresponsibility is unprecedented — bunkers lined by stacked bags leveled and blown to pieces, fighters once enlivened with activist spirit left for dead in trenches, muted and muzzled by the most sophisticated online guerrilla ambush.  They have left us exposed and disarmed to any real defense.

An invisible foreign/domestic alliance limits our freedom of speech.  Some of us don’t pay any attention to politics.  Those who do feel a familiar paralysis – Trump/Russia PTSD.

It would help if MSM covered this war like the one in Iraq.  Front page always. Shocking footage daily. Terror alerts coded green, yellow, red.  The hunt for Bin Laden.

A recent bot-attack claiming the Odessa shooter sported a Beto bumper sticker is not just an assault on a political campaign and desperate attempt to dim the most fiery blazing comet shooting across the horizon of Democratic Party skies, the malicious conspiracy spread represents an outright invasion striking the bedrock of our country.

The damages, left unchecked, rival the devestation of Iraq should Trump win re-election, or worse.  And yet MSM coverage is fleeting.  Rapid response non-existent.


A smear crafted to get Beto supporters to disassociate from Bernie (Democratic Socialist) by equating a fascist murder with the stigma of socialism, also shutting down Bernie supporters to any association with the Beto campaign heading into Iowa (9.1K Retweets 17.1K Likes).  So who do you suppose they hope Beto supporters will resent and assault and vice versa?  NOT ON MY WATCH!  RUSSIA, IF YOU’RE LISTENING!  That is not what the Democratic Party stands for.  The Beto/Bernie coalition is an alliance against fascism.  We will band together.

Those who scheme and scam to help enemies foreign and domestic are traitorous, foreign and domestic terrorists.

This goes for the Trump campaign once again both covertly and openly soliciting illegal contributions, amplifying conspiracies that sabotage our candidates and divide supporters.

Dehumanizing.  Demonizing.  Terrorizing.  America.

This is what we’re up against.  It may not be your candidate today, but it will be tomorrow!  All candidates.  All of us supporters.

America, they want to take from us.

Facebook allowed Russia to waltz in and purchase election ads that slammed down Hillary and propped up Trump, mirrored synergistically to RW propaganda.  Both platforms remain infiltrated by bots, once again impersonating our most valiant armies of supporters, pitting one platoon against the other firing the first shots of friendly fire and spreading outright lies.

A smear aimed at driving a wedge between a Beto-Bernie coalition with 11K Retweets 15.2K Likes

The pungency of divide-and-conquer toxicity from 2016 spoils like ground zero fallout, radioactive decay so scalding, it bends and contorts the most ironclad elements of the Resistance.  We are being tested.

They probe and advance towards firewalls, armed with caches of ammunition codes, streaming, unscrambling, crashing gates of encryption as they invade our personal affairs, wave after wave, after wave.

These are the first gusts of the very same shit superstorm that washed over us in 2016 and covered us in the stench of stagnant swamp by the time they were finished.

No media stream too small.  No seed too remote for trampling and extermination, no sprout too fragile for instantaneous defoliation.

It’s happening again —a traitorous Trump coordinates with impostors and real supporters camouflaged as one:

Notice the smear is both a demonization of Bernie’s trademark Democratic Socialism and a condemnation of Beto’s authenticity in his signature fight against NRA fascists. 34K shares tallied for an agent posing as a prototypical voter, disillusioned and #NeverBernie.  ALWAYS BERNIE MOTHER FUCKERS

Cyber-warfare.  Cyber attack.  We find ourselves sprawling on a different battlefield, swarmed and surrounded by new traps we never knew existed.

What is in our future with this President?  Do political campaigns have to enlist counterintelligence experts?  In a free country?  In our free country – no safe haven to freely discuss the issues of our time.

Here’s a more detailed account of the attack, via Beto For America campaign manager.

When a Trump campaign advisor was caught peddling the conspiracy amplified by a bot attack, here’s how Beto campaign rapid response handled it.

Conservative media keeps trying to pushback against Beto because Beto has been going at Trump 24-7:

Think about it.

Parting shots

Beto absolutely soared in the public spotlight at the CNN Climate Town Halls (and was virtually tied with Warren in the DKOS poll before some shady AF shit happened), riffing on the topic of Climate Change he calls the #1 national security threat to our country, while remaining a steadfast top issue for most Democratic Primary voters.

Field organizers and footage show a totally different story from rigged DNC polls that gerrymander out blocs critical to expansion of the party (new voters, Independents, Hispanics and traditional non-voters).

Remember Beto supporters, lurkers, leaners and aroused onlookers, polls don’t cast votes, and we’re five months from the first vote in Iowa, half a year until we reach Super Tuesday.  Beto’s relentless ground game is underestimated by MSM, but obviously Beto’s a target of cyberwarfare.  He’s a real threat folks.  Believe it!

Beto’s strong stance on guns is commanding and forcing a national conversation on MSM cable news programs.  Mean-spirited Republicans like The View’s Meghan McCain find themselves on the hot seat with the O’Rourke campaign.

A massive delegate haul awaits Beto in Texas on Super Tuesday as he looks to close the gap with Biden by adding Independents and Republicans not measured in this poll.  It’s clear that with Texas in play with Beto on the ticket, Republicans have made Beto a prime target for this election cycle.  Beto visited all 250+ counties as a Senate candidate.

You know what they say. Everything’s bigger in Texas.

GOTV is the superglue that binds brothers and sisters in arms, all supporters, all camps, as we look to end the infighting and focus all our energies on defeating Donald Trump!  We are white enough, black enough, man enough, woman enough, gay enough straight enough and there is NO disqualification for any of our candidates, especially not when Agent Trump is illegitimate in the first place.

Fret not, impeachment is on the way!

Please pin this @StaceyAbrams Tweet atop your Twitter profile to raise awareness!

People, not PACS:  Beto is indeed one of the few PAC-free candidates just like my boo Bernie.  Getting dirty fossil fuel money out of politics is critical to fighting climate change.

Trump and his advisers must resort to peddling conspiracies because they’re scared shitless!

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