Could we use a bit more of a fascist Trump? Imagine some of us saying we wish for more of a tankie Biden?

“Cortes, most recently the spokesman for the Trump-aligned America First Action SuperPAC, has a long history of controversial statements, the lingua franca of talk radio. But in recent months, as Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and widespread civil unrest have weakened his re-election prospects, he has turned up the volume on public comments tapping into race anxieties and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and has encouraged Trump to embrace authoritarianism as the ideal response to those twin perceived threats.”

President Donald Trump’s political fortunes took a nosedive when he had federal agents use tear gas to clear out a park across from the White House so he could conduct a photo-op at a nearby church.

But to hear his campaign’s newest senior adviser, Steve Cortes, tell it, Trump’s misstep was not the act of authorizing attacks on peaceful protesters—it was that the president wasn’t even “more of a fascist.”

As the Trump campaign’s new senior adviser for strategy, Cortes has been tasked with helping right the ship of President Donald Trump’s re-election efforts after months of strategic and tactical blunders under newly demoted campaign manager Brad Parscale. Cortes is a familiar presence to television viewers for his appearances on cable programs, but he also hosts a radio show, The Steve Cortes Show. With that platform, he has advocated for an even more authoritarian version of the current president.

“If Trump were the fascist that they pretend that he is, wouldn’t he have cracked down much, much harder on the unrest in the American streets?” Cortes said on The Steve Cortes Show on June 25, less than three weeks after the incident at Lafayette Square. “To be quite honest, you know, when there were people being bloodied, cops being attacked, businesses being smashed, I could have used a tad bit more of a fascist Trump.”…

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