Adam Serwer: Mueller Hearing “lacked a compelling musical number.”


So, the press, which has steadfastly refused to call Trump exactly what he is — a liar, a thief, a cheating pro-Putin provocateur that has more loyalty to his freaking golf courses than his country, and the intellectual acuity of a rhesus monkey high on methamphetamine, has no reticence about calling out Robert Mueller for his measured, well considered testimony during which he said extremely damning things about the shit-gibbon, but with little of the theatrical and emotive histrionics editors crave to drive circulation.

Atlantic Magazine staff writer Adam Serwer calls them out…

And, as in an episode of Game of Thrones, when the surviving gather to burn what remains of the once storied American Republic, idiots like Chuck Todd, Brian Williams…

..and Micheal Moore…

…can be the torch bearers that ignite the consuming conflagration with their idiotic hot takes.

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