Adam Schiff Planning His Own Investigation, One That Will Make Mueller’s “Look Like Child’s Play”

list say to comer / Flickr Adam Schiff...
list say to comer / Flickr

Soon-to-be chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, is preparing to delve deep into Donald Trump’s criminal activity in a way that could make the Mueller probe “look like child’s play”.

According to The New Yorker, Trump said that he believes his personal finances should be off-limits to investigators and that if Robert Mueller sought to investigate the Trump family’s business dealings he would be crossing a “red line.”

Well, Adam Schiff not only wants to launch an investigation that will be parallel to Mueller’s but as the New Yorker added in their recent article, “As Schiff described his approach, it became clear that he wasn’t just planning to cross Trump’s red line—he intended to obliterate it.”

He also recently said, “I think the Justice Department needs to reexamine that OLC opinion – Office of Legal Counsel opinion – that you cannot indict a sitting president.”

This January is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Keep your eyes on Schiff.  He is on a mission to get the imposter out of the Oval office.

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