Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix said that Republicans were indifferent to the testimony that he gave last year, and ranking Democrat of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, says he wants to have Nix come back and do it right. The Hill:

“After five minutes — done,” Nix said of his testimony.

“They’re politicians, they’re not technical. They don’t understand how it works,” he said in an in-house exchange captured by an undercover Channel 4 News reporter.

Congressman Schiff said that the way Nix described his Republican colleagues on the committee is “all too accurate,” and elaborated, “…my colleagues had a habit of asking three questions: Did you conspire, did you collude, did you coordinate with Russians? And if the answer was no, they were pretty much done.”

Schiff said that the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower has agreed to be interviewed by House Democrats, who are continuing their investigation. Schiff noted that so far the whistleblower’s testimony and Nix’s appear to be at odds.

He said Democrats’ requests to bring Nix back before the panel, and to seek testimony from other Cambridge executives, were rejected by Republicans. But he noted that a Cambridge whistleblower has agreed to be interviewed by Democrats as they continue their investigation.

“And if his testimony is what it has been reported, then it’s deeply at odds with Mr. Nix’s testimony. And we’re going to need to get to the bottom of it,” Schiff said. “It certainly appears that Mr. Nix and Cambridge Analytica misused the private data of tens of millions of Americans.”

Nix, who claimed that the data firm “did all the research, all the data, all the analytics, all the targeting” for the Trump campaign, was suspended from Cambridge Analytica this week.

Schiff may find a way to bring Nix back for a proper interview and in the meantime, this just confirms what we already knew, that Mike Conaway wouldn’t acknowledge an issue in the Trump Russia probe if he tripped over it, and it “was Cambridge Analytica’s weaponized disinformation tools that put Trump over the top—while deceiving Americans by the millions by feeding them false stories from disguised sources.” We truly live in an age where you can’t trust your eyes and ears because what you’re being fed as news and information may be patently false. That’s how you end up with a reality show media circus clown chosen by a Russian dictator in the Oval Office.


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