Take extreme caution if you decide to hit “play” in the ad embedded within the tweet issued by the “Tea Party Patriots” today:

As tragic as the entire matter may be, it is damn entertaining to watch the Ivans try to square this circle. Trump cannot fire Mueller directly, as Mueller was appointed by Rosenstein. And Rosenstein has said that he would never fire Mueller without cause. Thus, Trump needs to remove Rosenstein, and hence the “Nunes Memo” – so much for the review.

But, wow, is there ever some heavy lifting going on in this ad.

According to the Tea Party Patriots (who apparently want their Russian-agent left alone in the White House) Rosenstein is a “weak careerist” at the Justice Department, protecting liberal Obama holdovers and the deep state, instead of following the rule of law.”

It is fascinating to me how it is that all these Trump appointees – like Rosesnstein – managed to hide their true Obama-loving blue colors while getting appointed by Trump, and George “W” Bush before Trump, who appointed Rosenstein U.S. Attorney in Maryland. If we know one thing about Bush’s U.S. Attorney’s, it’s that Karl Rove required maximum partisan behavior. And yet still Rosenstein hid, awaiting his moment.

As far as ground-shattering legal memorandum go, the type that the Right assured us had Obama “lawyering-up” the Nunes Memo has underwhelmed at Trumpian levels.  Yet this coordinated effort to fire Rosenstein is actually ground-breaking, not just because of the implications to the Trump-Russia investigation, but because dating back at least as far as the Nixon days, the Justice Department was the one agency that had near autonomy. The  president appointed the Attorney General and an FBI Director, and then let them do their jobs, politics did not overlap.

That was before the Trump administration, or, more specifically, before the Trump administration required politicizing the Justice Department in order to get out from Mueller’s investigation.

The Tea Party Patriot ad hints that Trump allies are getting fired up about Rosenstein’s fate, indeed, a conservative movement leader told Axios’s Jonathan Swan that Rosenstein is “becoming a conversation at every conservative gathering.”

Trump, when asked Friday if he was thinking about firing Rosenstein, cryptically told reporters: “You figure that one out.”

We have.

As I have noted before, Trump will fire Mueller if he believes he cannot escape otherwise.

But, Trump can’t get to Mueller without going through Rosenstein. That is why Rosenstein must be our line in the sand. Let the White House know, the American people will not hand our country over to cheap grifters that easily. If Rosenstein is fired, we take to the streets. Pass it on.

Oh, and be sure to pinch yourself on occasion. You’re not dreaming. Trump supporting Americans would rather vilify conservative law-enforcement officers than bother themselves with questions as to the actual substance of the investigation, questions about why the hell were the Russians thoroughly embedded within an American presidential campaign. It just doesn’t matter to them. Rod Rosenstein is the enemy in their minds, not Putin.


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  1. NO President is above the law!

    Below is a link to MoveOn’s Rapid Response in case of a Robert Mueller or Rod Rosenstein firing and other possible investigation interference. Find a Rapid Response protest/rally to sign up for in your local area.
    Thank you!


    Also a link to MoveOn’s petition to remove Rep. Devin Nunes from the House Intelligence Committee. To be delivered to Rep. Paul Ryan


    YES WE CAN!!!
    and we must!


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