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Running for office takes a village of caring family, friends, and supporters invested in your success. In the case of Georgia gubernatorial candidate Democrat Stacey Abrams, her father always believed she was destined for greatness no matter what. On Thursday, at a campaign event for Abrams, Oprah Winfrey asked Abrams’s father if he was surprised that she is running for governor.

His response is definitely worth watching:

Once upon a time, it seemed impossible that a black person, especially a woman, would hold statewide office in Georgia. And yet here we are. Stacey Abrams has already made American history with her run—as the very first black woman nominated for governor by a major political party. It’s awesome to see her dad is cheering her on so fiercely, not just in the race for governor but for a possible presidential run in the future (fingers crossed for Abrams 2024).

Not only is this video an incredibly sweet example of the love and devotion a father has for his daughter, but it’s also another reason to support Stacey Abrams. Her dad believes in her and so do we. Let’s make her the next governor of Georgia on Election Day!


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