About Those New Tricks And “Old” Dogs

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People who say that they don’t care what people think are usually desperate to have people think that they don’t care what people think   George Carlin

It has been said before, by not only myself, but by others far more knowledgeable than me, but it bears repeating. I have never seen anything like this in my life. The first job of any newly elected President, of either party, starting with his inauguration speech, is to reach out and build bridges, in order to make his own reelection campaign easier. And instead Trump is doing exactly the opposite.

Trump is totally and cravenly devoted to his base, and I get that part. Given Trump’s psyche, it’s purely about his ego. He considers them his sole property, totally devoted to him, and the fount from which all good things flow. In his mind, he created them, he activated them, and they are the sole reason that he is such a political savant and is in the White House in the first place. The problem arises from the fact that these slobbering racist fucks account for only about 30-35% of the GOP voting block, much less the nation as a whole.But Trump’s devotion to that base is costing not only him, but the GOP writ large traditional constituencies that they have literally spent decades cultivating.

Almost all reputable major polling shows that Trump has already shed white college educated voters, male and female, he has pissed away his advantage among white non college educated men, and is at risk of doing so with women of the same ilk. He has lost the disillusioned Democrat and independent voters who gave him a shot hoping for change. He has lost the sliver of the African American vote who have spent the last three years finding out exactly what the hell they had to lose!, and his dictatorial bent with peaceful protesters has got to have many members of the military, as well as veterans leery about his sanity. And despite their deepest kept personal preferences, Evangelicals who like to think of themselves as socially responsible and good Christians are slowly starting to turn away from him too.You name ’em, and Trump has pissed them off.

But now El Pendejo Presidente is about to piss off a GOP constituency that I thought it would be impossible for any GOP incumbent, much less a sitting GOP President to piss off, namely, crusty old farts. You know, people like me. Well, not me specifically, since I’d rather step in front of a Japanese bullet train than pull a lever for Trump, but other old farts. After all, older, white men and women terrified of social change have been a mainstay of the Republican party voting block since Ronald Reagan launched The Southern Strategy. But Trump is doing it, and apparently with absolutely no recognition that he’s doing it at all.

Trump’s tweet today about the 75 year old protester sent to the ICU by uniformed Buffalo thugs was merely the icing on the cake. That protester, God love him, has 12 years on me, I’m only 63. But I suffer from balance issues due to my glaucoma, as well as inner ear problems, and I’m here to tell you that, if I took a full extension, two hand shove from a couple of Buffalo bulls, by the time my ass hit the pavement, there is no fucking way that either my hands or my elbows would be able to hit the ground behind me in time to keep from cracking my head on the pavement. I’d be bleeding from the ears too. And here Il Douche claims that the protester was a provocateur, and staged the fall to make it look worse than it was. Fuck that.

But the real damage was done a couple of weeks ago, in the way that Traitor Tot went after Joe Biden. He made fun of Biden’s stutter, as well as the extended gaps between words as Biden constructed and completed his sentences. Really?!? I never suffered from a stutter when I was a child, but I can’t tell you the number of times in recent years when I have accidentally split words in a stutter, or repeated the same word in succession in a sentence. And please, don’t even get Teri started on how many times I’ve said something like, Hey honey! The next time we go to the store, we need to remember to get…………..toilet paper! And just look at the source, will ya? With Trump, it’s not like we’re talking Shakespeare here, the man together sentences two fucking can’t  fucking put two sentences together! And at least Biden can manage to keep his upper plate in place well enough that he doesn’t slobber all over himself.

And the numbers are already bearing it out. Trump is now losing senior citizens to Biden, and I can only see that increasing the longer this goes. Look, I’m only speaking personally now, but when you manage to hit 60, you wear that as a badge of honor. You had to go through a whole lifetime of shit to get there, and please, don’t ask any of what kind of shit, or you’ll be tempted to self terminate in the first five minutes. But however we did it, we all made it. And we all recognize that none of us are quite all that we used to be. But when some fat, supercilious, arrogant prick makes fun of one of us? That don’t go over so good.

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah Murfster, I turn 63 in less than a month and I totally get it. I’ve seen a couple elections and I don’t believe it either. Normally about now they would cutting wood down in Texas for the barbecue. Hell Cruz probably light the fire. But if they aren’t careful Texas will turn blue and old Joe be down there getting first plate down on the ranch. Utterly cracks me up how bad this clown is doing. Know you don’t count your chickens before they hatch. So I leave it there.


I never saw anything wrong with Biden’s talking. He knows the subject and speaks in an appropriate tone. Now donnie appears to stutter and repeats, repeats, repeats the same thing over and over and over. He says the same thing again and again and again . That you notice because it is not relevant and just flipping plain annoying and a waste of time watching him tipping his head back and forth as he practiced for hours in front of his mirror.


Yes, and a couple other reasons seniors have turned against Trump are that he’s willing to tinker with Social Security and also, we’ve taken the biggest hit from the coronavirus. Unlike Trump, people are terrified and angry of the growing death count.