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Tonight ABC News is reporting that Trump has determined that he will not meet with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Forget legal niceties for a moment, I can pontificate with the best of them about the need to preserve the Fifth Amendment, and the accused right to sit back and say nothing. It is a critical component of our criminal justice system. People often forget that our criminal justice system is not designed from the point of view of the prosecutor. No, the people who set up our constitutional protections in the criminal justice system did so from the point of view of the accused. After all, our constitution was written by criminals, traitors, who better than them to appreciate just how badly protections are needed when “the government” (or the Crown, as the case may be) is coming after you.

But, when you are president of the United States, you do not get to avail yourself of the right to decline to talk to a prosecutor. I have the right to remain free from jail if I have not been convicted of a crime, I do not have a “right” to be president of the United States. When the president of the United States cannot sit down with the prosecutor and answer questions, there are enough problems with his case that he no longer deserves to be president. Bill Clinton sat down with the rabid Kenneth Starr, who meandered his way among two dozen topics until he issued a subpoena for a dress and a DNA test.

Additionally, we hear that Micheal Cohen will be pleading the 5th Amendment officially in all response to questions regarding the Stormy Daniels matter.

Let that settle in for a minute. Right now, we have a president who refuses to speak to the prosecutor who he believes to be on nothing but a witch hunt, and his lonnnggg time personal “attorney” Michael Cohen will be taking the 5th Amendment with respect to questions about Daniels.

And the RNC has set up a war-room with “Lying Comey” to protect their boy. That is how corrupt the modern Republican party has become. Let THAT settle for a moment.


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