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Every day belongs to Heisenberg — full of potential for good or ill — but some days are particularly potent with the promise of change.

At this moment, the Grand Jury associated with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation has returned an indictment. A sealed indictment. We don’t know whose name is printed on the inside of that envelope. We don’t know what charges it might feature. We don’t know why the special counsel chose to start the laying of charges at this point. We don’t know whether this is the first of many, the tip of an iceberg, or simply the sum of action to be taken.

What we don’t know is legion. What we do know might not fit on the head of a pen … but it would come close.

Still, we’re hopeful. Hopeful enough that we’re all, for the moment, children on the brink of birthday—holding our breath at the possibility of some fantastic prize, and gritting our teeth against the likelihood of a box of socks. After all, while we haven’t been quite to this place before, it’s somewhat familiar terrain. And the last time we were told to expect such a present, the rather excellent looking package turned out to contain nothing but a broken Scooter.

Whatever is in the envelope, several sources are indicating it will be torn open on Monday morning. So … at least we don’t have long to wait. Maybe this will be a complete Fitzle. Or, if we’re really lucky, we’ll discover that this is just the first day of Muenukkah—where even if the gift of the day seems a disappointment, there are many days still to come. 

And, packing away the metaphor, if we’re less than lucky we’ll find that it doesn’t matter what’s in the envelope; that even if the answer is Donald Trump, in his office, with a direct call to Putin, nothing will come of it. Because while Republican actions this week certainly suggest that they’re worried about the possibility of Robert Mueller leveling serious charges, they also demonstrate that the Republicans are perfectly prepared to ignore those charges and substitute their own.

Just this week, announcements were made that the committees investigating the Trump–Russia connection in the House and the Senate expect to wind down those investigation, even though they admit they’ve failed to interview many witnesses, or follow up on many leads. At the same time, Congress announced that they were beginning an “investigation” into a transaction that’s eight years in the past, even though they have full knowledge that what they’re beginning isn’t a search for the truth, it’s a show trial.

This is a week that’s seen the Republican Party solidify it’s transition to cult of personality, where the one voice raised in protest was met with thundering silence. There’s every possibility that, no matter how many names the special counsel produces or how dire the charges, Republicans will simply ignore the stream of envelopes and jail whomever they please, for whatever reasons they declare.

If that seems an awful lump of coal in the stocking for all those waiting this morning, just remember: Trump digs that stuff.

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