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Mr Postman, bring me a dream. Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen   The Marvelettes   Please Mr Postman

In politics, ignorance can be every bit as deadly as an AK-47. In his bad tempered dream world. Trump sees his ass being kicked, with one foot at death’s door, and the other on a banana peel. Since the coronavirus will turn this election into a base mail in ballot election, and Trump fears the results, he turned to messing with the United States Postal Service to try to suppress and disenfranchise voters, retaining his hold on power. And why not? The postal service is just another much maligned government agency.

Except it’s not. It is in fact a national treasure, enshrined in the constitution. And more important it is woven into the social fabric of this country. It transcends barriers. Black, white, rich, poor, Hispanic, Asian, gay, straight, everyone in the country has a very real, very visceral connection to the post office.

People of my age and even younger can remember spending lazy summer days looking down the street, waiting for the mailman to show up to see if the precious cargo of the prize we had mailed those box tops in for had arrived. For generations, for two weeks a year, your birthday week, and Christmas week, the mailman was the most important man or woman in the world. No birthday or Christmas was complete without a package from Grandma or Aunt Rose, or an envelope with a piece of the long green in the card.

Forget about old farts remembering when they were kids. A generation later, and going for generations forward, young adults, with young and growing families started checking their mailbox daily starting in the second week of January, waiting for the W-2 forms from work that would allow them to fill out their taxes. And starting 10 days after the tax returns were postmarked came the feverish, daily check of the mailbox for that magic CHA-CHING moment when the tax refund finally arrived in the mail, signalling a sudden embarrassment of riches, at least for a few weeks.

And for veterans, there is an even more special, visceral relationship with the postal service. For a young G.I. in a far flung land, the postal service was the only link line to home. As a close friend of Brian Williams of NBC News, who served in Vietnam nostalgically told him, In the field, mail call was more important than chow call. After all, you can’t get Mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies through e-mail. The postal service was also the vital link line that assured that far flung military personnel got to vote.

And even today, seniors and veterans depend on the postal service for their disability and social security checks, and life saving medication. People in more rural areas, often without access to high speed internet depend on the postal service for such basic functions as their utility bills and magazines. Constituents are already complaining to their congress critters that the slowdown in mail service is costing them late fees when either the bill itself, or the payment is delayed. And if there’s one thing that elected officials pay attention to, it’s constituent pressure.

Because of his ignorance of all things American, Trump has finally managed to pick a fight with the one universally beloved institution in American government. And it’s already costing him. As Rachel Maddow reported tonight, as mail service in Montana stalled, people started to complain. But they didn’t complain at the postal service locally, they held protest rallies to support their local postal service. And when locals started seeing mailboxes being loaded onto trucks and carted away, they got Democratic Senator Jon Tester involved. And after Tester fired off an angry letter to the Trump appointed Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, and they saw the way the wind was blowing, the GOP Senator from the state, as well as the GOP House member also fired off angry letters. And the post office relented, announcing that they would remove no further mailboxes nationwide until after the election.

Congress may be officially on recess, but that’s no excuse. There is no reason on God’s green earth for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to not call the House Oversight Committee back into session in Washington, and call Postmaster General DeJoy and the Board of Governors in front of them for a good, old fashioned, roasting over an open fire. The wind is firmly in their sails on this issue.

As with all things Trump,it is his pathetic lack of self control over his baser impulses. This could have been a very effective tactic if Trump had waited until late September or early October to spring it on the American people. But once again, Trump required instant gratification, and shot his wad far too early. Pressure is already mounting on the USPS from all sides, and with no legitimate excuses, they’re going to have to start caving sooner or later. And state Secretaries of State, now forewarned, are already looking at local ways to minimize the damage from Trump’s perfidy. Wadda way to run a fucking railroad.

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  1. Trump thinks he’s invincible. That he is a God. And the true and living God will make him dust under his feet. And there’s not a damn thing Trump can do about it. The end is near.


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