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Trump’s invective filled rant in Arizona was nothing more than a redux of Hitler’s rallies in the 30’s, the purpose of which was to gin up the rabble to support the Nazi Party line. See also the Two-Minute Hate in George Orwell’s “1984” for convenient reference.

One Trump supporter actually had the gall to shout at an anti-Trump protester, “McCain needs to die now,” according to ABC News. His daughter Meghan McCain responded:

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ABC News:

Meghan was in Arizona with her dad at the time of the rally, where the Republican lawmaker recently completed his first round of chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the Mayo Clini

Anti-McCain sentiments among Trump and his supporters increased after McCain voted against legislation aimed at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

At the rally, Trump did not identify Sen. McCain by name, but he did say — to the delight of rally-goers — “One vote away! I will not mention any names. Very presidential, isn’t it?”

The previous day, Sen. McCain tweeted a photo of himself and Meghan McCain hiking, writing, “Watching the #SolarEclipse17 with @meghanmccain on a hike in #Arizona!”

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Nobody John McCain’s age and facing his health challenges should have to endure abuse from Donald Trump and the savages that follow him. And while the Republicans are at it, maybe they should speak to the reprehensible “Chemtrail Kelli,” Kelli Ward, a fringe dwelling conspiracy theorist who says that John McCain is “responsible for the rise of ISIS” and also suggested that she replace him when he was diagnosed with brain cancer.

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