The great state of California has shut down America’s most infamous clod couple for a third time. Or, rather, true patriots in the Golden State have done so.

Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Pay No Attention to Our Legal and/or Abnormal Neural Tangles” Tour has hit another snag. One can only assume the same people behind the the Jewish Space Laser, which selectively zapped millions of Trump ballots into a parallel dimension on the night of Nov. 3, are putting up all these roadblocks to Gross Gaetz and MTG’s mildewy version of the truth.

Regardless, they’ve been kicked out of another venue, a little more than a week after being bounced from their first choicePacific Hills Banquet & Event Center in Laguna Hills. Their second choice, Riverside Convention Center, pulled the plug on Friday night. Then, after scrambling to find another venue, event organizers announced they’d moved the garish spectacle to the M3 Live Anaheim Event Center. But before long, that plan fell through, too.

The Orange County Register:

Less than 10 hours before Reps. Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene were scheduled to host an America First rally in Anaheim, the city announced that the planned venue had canceled the event.

“We as a city shared our public safety concerns with the operator and the operator shares the concerns,” Anaheim spokesman Mike Lyster said Saturday morning.

This is the third time Gaetz and Greene’s planned rally Saturday night has been canceled, with protesters and city leaders speaking out against allowing the controversial Congress members to host an event in Southern California.

Such a shame. Say, maybe they can release their toxic mind spores at the mall or something—they should just stand outside the J.C. Penney teens’ department and start yappin’. That’s probably what Matt does with most of his Saturdays anyway. 

Of course, Gaetz should really be more focused on his legal troubles (i.e., alleged sex trafficking), and Greene continually behaves as if a technician accidentally left her head in an X-ray machine overnight. In other words, they’ve got much bigger problems than figuring out where to spew their half-baked, thoroughly warmed-over lies.

Anaheim spokesman Mike Lyster was fairly diplomatic about the decision to 86 these GOP garbage stars, but he made clear in no uncertain terms they’re not welcome, telling The OC Register, “We respect free speech and we are capable of holding events. But it was the lack of advance notice for an event that would attract the attention at the level this one would that has raised issues for our city. … Also, we have concerns about the nature of the event and that is does not reflect the city of Anaheim and the values we share.”

Head on back to the Southeast, G&G. SoCal is simply not buying your bullshit. 

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