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I sent a message to the White House (“Please re-open the government now and fix immigration”) on the whitehouse.gov contact page. 

Form e-letter back from the whitehouse.gov comment page

The response was interesting (editorial marks mine, though honestly if a student sent me these sentences, I’d be challenged).  I have a few observations:

1. It seems the White House editors (and writers!) are apparently furloughed.

2. Those still in the office are apparently in a bit of a panic. They wrote this one in a hurry.

3. The rhetoric blaming Dems is just so detached from reality. Sen McConnell refused to risk a cloture vote: If they really had 51 votes they should have proved it. (I’m sure the new Speaker will make this point on Thursday.)

4. There is no mention of “wall.” I believe this may be a good sign!

Dear Feds and friends of Feds: take heart, and keep the pressure on. I think the public is starting to understand how much we depend on Federal law enforcement, doctors, lawyers, scientists, technical people, and administrators.

(And, Feds and retired Feds: join NARFE!)

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Also: appropriate legislation


The first sentence is ungrammatical as well; it’s incomplete. Obstruct [something].
And Anne was correct in pointing out that it’s not appropriations legislation. I believe that appropriation legislation is what was meant, but I like Anne’s suggestion better.

Audrey Anderson
Audrey Anderson

THERE ARE MANY PHONY WHITE HOUSE CONTACT pages and your server may be interfering, also! Sometimes impossible to get through on the telephone due to interference.