A Star is Born! Lawrence O’Donnell Lauds Katie Porter’s Questioning of Equifax CEO.


Wow! The praise doesn’t come much higher than this, on The Last Word last night, Lawrence O’Donnell applauds Freshman Congresswoman Katie Porter for her aggressive questioning of Eqifax CEO Mark Begor at a House Financial Services Committee hearing Tuesday… 

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“My question for you is whether you would be willing to share today your social security, your birthdate and your address at this public hearing,” said the freshman lawmaker.

Porter proceeded to back Begor into a corner, causing him to admit that having his identity stolen was, in fact, personally injurious.

Porter—who has been serving as a Democratic Rep. for less than two months—then retorted, “If you agree that exposing this kind of information—information like that that you have in your credit reports—creates harm, therefore you’re unwilling to share it, why are your lawyers arguing in federal court that there was no injury and no harm created by your data breach?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do it.

Glad Katie is on our side.

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True Patriot
True Patriot

Bravo to our new representative, Katie Porter. That’s why we need young fresh minds and positive energy in our politics now, to move out the old stale energy and status quo. Everyone can feel the difference, I do.