We must recognize that our Democracy is being attacked, all over the country, by a slow-motion insurrection. The insurrectionists have discovered that they can disrupt public meetings, threaten public servants, threaten ordinary citizens, invade government buildings, ignore law enforcement, and generally foment chaos with impunity. This is an insurrectionist strategy that is being directed by the “Evil Geniuses” we have been warned about.

This situation is not going to get better. It’s going to slowly, slowly get worse, until the water reaches a boiling point and we see armed insurrectionists taking over our local governments, and it will be too late. The foundation of our Democracy will collapse.

I do not know how we should respond to this attack. But the first step is to recognize that our Democracy is in peril and action is essential. From Vladimir Putin to Donald Trump to Rand Paul to your local redneck militia, Democracy is under coordinated attack, and it is terrifying. 

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  1. From the Department of Apathy.

    Carry on folks , as long as you can post pics of your latest meal on social media everything will be fine.


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