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US supreme court overturns New York handgun law in bitter blow to gun-control push [Link goes to the Guardian]

I am a gun owner, I have hunted all my life. I have never considered carrying a gun when I am not hunting.

I used to have some ingrained trust in the decisions of SCOTUS, by that I mean I had some vague hope that SCOTUS mights be able to protect Americans from their worst excesses. It’s what I was taught in school from the get go.

What I have come to realize is that SCOTUS has become the most corrupted and powerful branch of the constitutionally defined Government. Its justices are selected upon political, theological and ideological grounds only.

What this means to me:

  • My vote actually has less worth than mud.
  • Women’s’ rights to control our own bodies is null a void.
  • Everyone on the street can be seen as an imminent threat to my life, great, it will do my anxiety no favours. Every god-damned rapist could have a gun rather than “just” a knife and muscles, fighting back i.e. resisting will no longer be an “option” but an extreme risk.

I was in Boston a few weeks ago, arranging with my sisters our departed father’s affairs, it was the first opportunity we had to be all together. We might have to meet in Canada in the future, US border control can go to hell.

I am considering renouncing my US citizenship, as the only “benefit” it now brings is having to pay for the added costs of lodging my personal expat tax forms. I’ll lose the right to vote in VT, big deal./s

Correct policing becomes an impossible hope, move, and you could be going for a gun.

America is alone in this carnage.

Corruption is the enemy of Democracy.

It doesn’t take a Nobel Laureate to work out why.

Good luck with your unelected arbiters.

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