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Living in the era of Donnie Depends, for those of us who choose not to tune out, and actually try to stay informed, it’s like dating a schizophrenic. When you walk in the door every night, you never know whether you’re going to get a can of beer in your hand, or a can of corn bounced off of your forehead. And if you stick with it long enough, there’s a tendency to just rationalize it into normalcy, and it stops being noticeable.

But now, with all of the stops and starts, and the consternation and uncertainty behind us, the open hearings on whether or not to impeach President Donald John Trump are finally underway. And with the dawning of that new reality among us, and I believe most alarmingly upon Emperor Numbus Nuttus, I thought it might be helpful to just take a moment to reflect on what this actually means, since up until now, everything was a whirl of the newness and uniqueness of this situation.

Although our national birthday is July 4, 1776, our constitution was not formalized and signed until 1789. In the first 184 years of our form of government, only once did we find a sitting President odious enough to seriously consider booting out of office. And yet, in the 46 years that have followed, we have found ourselves saddled with three Presidents who have pissed us off to the point of no return. My basis for splitting them up was from 1789 until 1973, the start of the “modern impeachment era” that commenced with Watergate.

When it became clear that we faced the very real prospect of attempting to impeach President Bone Spurs, the media gravitated to the novelty of the situation, and immediately pivoted to past impeachments in the modern era, and the lessons learned therein, but what they failed to properly bring to light is just how freaking unusual this whole thing is! If you average it out from 1789 to today, we would be averaging 60 years between impeachment proceedings. And even if you only count the relative impeachment gold rush of the “modern era,” we are still averaging 16 years between impeachments. Even with social media, and the instantaneous “cradle to the grave” modern research technology, only one out of every four Presidents is deemed morally insufficient.

Look, The Mango Messiah is the undisputed Master of Mayhem. His entire strategy is to use a daily deluge of the inflammatory, divisive, and often flat out ridiculous spectacle of his persona to effectively distract us from the basic, everyday, nuts and bolts mechanics of his serious attempts to criminally monetize every single minute of his presidency. He actively seeks to numb us to reality by hiding his forest of corruption among 10,000 bullshit elms.

The point I’m trying to make is this. For the next few weeks, or months, try to cull out the bullshit. Try to ignore the pathetic rantings of carnival barkers like Jim Jordan. Try to ignore the daily oral and Twitter diarrhea of Traitor Tot. Let that roll off of your back, it’s just the same old shit. Instead, focus as much as possible on the hearings, the testimony, the process, and the mechanics of these impeachment hearings, as well as what follows.

Because right now, all of us are witnessing two things, which we may not see again. First, we are literally witnessing democracy in action. For all of the partisan bullshit, for all of the political wrangling, for all of the “party before country” palaver, this is democracy in action. This is the most rarely used constitutional exercise, as set up by our founding fathers. This is the way the system is supposed to work by design. And at the end of it, each of us will be left to determine, based on our own personal feelings and prejudices, whether the system works well of not.

And second, we, all of us, are not only witnessing, we are living through actual history. Twenty, or thirty, or fifty years from now, our grandchildren will read and learn about this history lesson in school. And for those of us who are fortunate enough to live that long, it is us that our grandchildren will turn to for anecdotes and stories about this event. And it would be nice if we had our heads far enough out of our asses to give them at least a somewhat accurate accounting.

So please, pay attention. Those of you under thirty are experiencing something brand new and exciting. For those of you in your forties and fifties, you’re getting an encore performance. And for the golden moldies like Ursula Faw and I, well, we’re sliding into the saddle for our third rodeo now. But the important thing is to pay attention! Because, if we do, and this time around we actually learn the lessons of vigilance and due diligence, than just maybe, God willing, it will be another 184 years before we have to go through this national nightmare again.

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chris whitley
chris whitley

Yes to be a golden oldie hoping the adage that the third time truly is the charm.

Mick owens
Mick owens

Gday, as an Australian, i can only assume how you guys feel as Americans. DT and his corrupt family have gripped our social consciousness in the media. All the countries down here in the South Pacific dont know how/what will happen to our relationship with the USA, economically, socially and all the values n norms we have shared for a long time… its like losing a good friend


Yeah, I hear you Mick, we or at least most of us feel the same way. Hopefully with the impeachment or the next election we can resolve this situation. Gd’day mate. Hope I got that right??