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I have been pro union my whole life. My father was a union lifetime member. My 89 year old mother still gets survivors benefits off his pension. I have watched Democrats support unions come hell or high water. I have refused to cross picket lines even when doing so could have cost me my job. Now imagine my surprise when I saw this article, “Rank and file union members snub Biden for Trump”.

What are you people thinking? I tell you what! I went online and typed in Trump and union government workers. It’s all there if you just look. I know what unions have meant for the American worker. Their bargaining has set standards across this great nation. If you want to know what Trump does to union members, just ask a federal government worker. Trump has been denying their rights since he took office. He even denied a scheduled raise in their pay.

This is not “Fake News”. This happened in real life. When Trump childishly shut down the government over his wall crap, many of the government workers are still waiting for their back pay.

I remember that saying, “A Man Is Only Good As His Word”. I learned that from my grandfather. A lifetime construction worker. I also remember that when my grandfather retired he was screwed by some companies that hadn’t payed into his pension retirement. I was a kid and I don’t know all the details, but I do remember one very great detail about it: When the people in the construction hall found out about how my grandfather got screwed over, they all donated some of their time to make sure he had a adequate pension.  You just don’t see that, but that’s what unions do.

Trump is out to get union workers. Just this year on January 29th Trump wrote a memo denying the DOD to have collective bargaining. Now does that sound pro-union? I don’t think so. He gives some crap about National Security. I didn’t know putting food on your table would be a National Security threat.

Oh, I know he gives you all kinds of bullshit about him being the greatest president. To see what he’s done just look at what’s happening with Covid. He’s hiding the evidence on it saying that’s a security risk. He said no one under age 18 gets the disease. According to CDC over 400,000 young people have been hospitalized for this disease. This is not fake news. This is stuff that can be verified and that’s why Trump is attempting to hide these reports?

You think his trying to abolish the payroll tax that goes for Social Security and other programs. No, he’s attacking Social Security. He’s even said it at some rally and people cheered. This guy has the ability to suck you in then screw you.

Now back to the unions. There is a clause enacted in 1978 that if the president deems that any organization poses a risk to National Security in the workplace, he can say it’s a security risk for them to meet with them. He has just declared that the union for the DOD is a national security risk. Does that sound pro union to you?

When anyone goes down this road it’s not to help anyone but the person in charge. Trump is working to be the head of a fascist regime. Even Putin is getting in on the act. Putin’s people just made a cartoon character out of Trump that’s circulating around on the web. It’s reported that Putin loves it. And yet this clown still sucks up to Putin. Trump is like a one man wrecking crew. Some people see this as they think he’s cutting through regulations but in reality he’s burning through the rules that protect workers rights.

And don’t even get started on OSHA. You remember those people. When was the last time you saw an inspection? A friend of mine was buried alive. They had to dig him out. Luckily, he’s alive today. How many of these accidents would the worker walk away from without these protections? You older laborers probably already know the answer.

Why support someone that doesn’t give a damn about the average worker? Trump is now  claiming he will give major tax cuts to the middle class. Well isn’t he president right now? If he’s going to do that let’s get to it. The real answer on that is your not rich enough to rate tax cuts. It’s just another one of his lies.

I thought people were smarter than that.


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  1. Unfortunately, you’ll have to revise your thinking — people aren’t smarter than that. You can’t fix stupid. This quote, attributed to Einstein, says it all: Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe!

    BTW, I feel the same about unions. Both of my parents were strong union supporters, shop stewards and organizers in their places of work. (And both risked their jobs for it.) In my profession, I never had the opportunity to be in a union, and I’ve lived abroad for decades. Here, union membership is built-in when you’re hired.

    I do ensure that anyone who I employ gets full benefits, e.g. the woman who cared for my parents in the last years of their lives almost fainted when I paid her for sick days that she didn’t work. The country in which I live also pays for travel time (half the time it takes) if it’s greater than a certain distance, so I paid her for traveling. The law here is that mothers of children 7 and younger are paid for children’s sick days, (limited to 5 a year) and I paid her when that happened, too. Again, she was flabbergasted, but it should be the universal norm. My parents believed strongly in these rights, so when they/I became the employer, our values didn’t go out the window. I figure that, if I’m able to pay someone to do a job, I should be able to pay the benefits. Similarly, if I go to a restaurant, I should be able to afford a good tip.

    These are union values, and I believe, as Biden has said, that the best way to equalize income and opportunity is to build strong unions.


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