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Marsha Blackburn announced her run for U.S. Senate. She aims to replace Senator Bob Corker who began verbally sparring with Trump, as he heads for a cushy retirement. Senator Corker did not bother to speak out against Trump before the election or after Trump began destroying everything great about America. Although Trump wrongly accused Corker of allowing the successful Nobel-Prize nominated Iran Nuclear Peace Deal/JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) to come into being, Corker ultimately and adamantly worked against the agreement, which was signed by six world powers, including the United States. And although many liberals enjoyed Corker standing up to Trump, the Senator ultimately signed the self-serving Republican/Corporate Tax Bill.

But I digress. Back to Marsha Blackburn.

Blackburn who is sort of a “Ted Cruz meets Sarah Palin meets Donald Trump” released her October campaign ad, calling herself a “politically incorrect and hardcore, card-carrying, (anthem-standing) Tennessee conservative”—and she is proud of it! She also likes to carry guns and photos of fetuses. 

The ultra-conservative goes on to state she is “pro-immigration ban.” That’s right. This right-wing racist supposedly wants a straight out ban of immigrants. She didn’t even bother to use the much-loved conservative phrases, “illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, thugs and terrorists.” Let’s just ban ALL those damn immigrants, who along with Native American Indians built this country. Of course, that would mean she’d need to ban herself and family for being descendants of immigrants. She has immigrant blood. 

This slick politician also refers to herself as being 100 % pro-life, pro-baby and pro-woman. There are so many contradictions to the combination of those brags, I could lose my cookies before I start eating them. In her ad below, Blackburn claims:

“I fought Planned Parenthood, and we stopped the sale of baby body parts, thank God!” -Marsha Blackburn, 2017

“Thank, God?” Now why  you gonna bring God into this? Oh, that’s right. She’s a Republican who likes to use God to promote her own self-serving agenda. It’s how many Fake-Christians roll. In the Bible, that behavior is defined as blasphemy. Again, I digress.

The claim of Planned Parenthood selling body parts was debunked several ago. Here is more about that fabrication.

By now, most of the country has heard about the ‘undercover’ videos taped by so-called ‘pro-life’ activists from the Right Wing political organization Center For Medical Progress. The released footage is aimed at smearing, defunding, and shutting down Planned Parenthood. In addition to several videos referred to as ‘new lows’ by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, the anti-choice have also hacked the organization’s website. The attack campaign is slanderous, insidious, and misleading.

The creator of the misleading video, David Daleiden, was arrested in March and charged with multiple criimes. Marsha Blackburn forgets to mention facts. Like Trump, Blackburn figures if you repeat a repugnant lie over and over (and over)  people might elect you. Thing is, the American majority didn’t elect Trump. Even with the collusion and election hacking, Trump still lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton—by millions.

Here is Marsha Blackburn’s ad. Unlike Trump she puts a happy skip into her voice, has good hair, and uses complete and coherent sentences. But don’t be fooled. She is as odious as Trump—and in ways more insidious. Before watching, grab an airsickness bag. Don’t have one? Don’t watch it.

Nauseating, yes?

Marsha needs to grab a cup of crow and watch Rebecca Watson’s YouTube video defending Planned Parenthood. She also defends intelligence and truth. 

To see the transcript and/or read more about Rebecca Watson and this video, click here.

Bottom line, Marsha Blackburn is a threat, not only to women, but also to this entire country. And she needs to be stopped. May the Democratic challenger, whomever she or he may be, go on to edify, censure, expose and crush Marsha Blackburn—and may the voters of Tennessee and American people help that candidate make it so.

h/t Eliza Relman w/Business Insider

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