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The precedent of declaring emergencies where none exists will be increasingly dangerous under Individual-1, since his tendency has been to act when the #TrumpRussia probe gets closer.

Even today, the emergency declaration for his “wall” seemed also timed to bump the renewed interest in Andrew McCabe’s role in the obvious obstruction of justice being poorly managed by the WH.

And it’s such an emergency that he’s off to play golf this weekend at Mar-a-Lago.

These will be important weeks coming up, as the Spring season will bring increased preparations for military action in conflict regions, whether in South America or the Middle East.

“John Bolton is in a position to fulfill his wet dream of attacking Iran,” having encouraged Iran to return to develop nuclear weapons by withdrawing from the accord.

The Congressional vote to withdraw US forces from Yemen is only a first step in the eventual questioning of tweeted military withdrawal plans and the renewed Trumpian interest in keeping military forces in Iraq “to keep an eye on Iran”.

The dog wagging could likely occur in the coming months, when it could concurrently benefit Israel’s elections in April.

When respondents are asked whom they want as prime minister, the polls consistently show Netanyahu far in front of all rivals, undented by multiplying reports that he faces indictment in up to three corruption probes, though not backed by a majority.

“More deranged than usual”

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