A Few Fact-Checks for Moscow Mitch

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On December 18th, 2019, the Senate mule jackass who caters to Russian Oligarchs, (yes, this means Mitch McConnell) said this:

“They impeached a President whom they do not even allege has committed an actual crime known to our laws.”

Umm.   Obstruction of Justice — is a crime.

There is no such thing as “Absolute Immunity” which Team Trump has been claiming, to excuse their blatant withholding of evidence, to a co-equal branch of Government.

If Trump DID have “Absolute Immunity” — that would make him a King.

The Constitution was written to avoid that un-American Abuse of Power, by our presidents.

Speaking of which, Abuse of Power — is a crime too, Mitch-the-Grim.

That Impeachment Article is just “the gift wrapping” on a much larger “actual crime” within:


4. President Trump’s Abuse of Power Encompassed Impeachable “Bribery” and Violations of Federal Criminal Law

The first Article of Impeachment charged President Trump with an abuse of power as that constitutional offense has long been understood. While there is no need for a crime to be proven in order for impeachment to be warranted, here, President Trump’s scheme or course of conduct also encompassed other offensesboth constitutional and criminal in character, and it is appropriate for the Committee to recognize such offenses in assessing the question of impeachment.

a. Constitutional Bribery

Bribery” under the Impeachment Clause occurs where a President corruptly offers, solicits, or accepts something of personal value to influence his own official actions.[658]  In that respect, “Bribery is . . . an especially egregious and specific example of a President abusing his power for private gain.”[659]  Based on their lived experience, the Framers had good cause to view such conduct as grounds for impeachmentBribery was considered “so heinous an Offence, that it was sometimes punished as High Treason.” [660]  And it was received wisdom in the late-17th century that nothing can be “a greater Temptation to Officers [than] to abuse their Power by Bribery and Extortion.”[661]


pgs 117-118 of Impeachment Report
pgs 123-124 of pdf Reader App

[Emphasis added]

They got your “actual crime” Lockstep-McConnell, right here:

Bribery” under the Impeachment Clause occurs where a President corruptly offers, solicits, or accepts something of personal value to influence his own official actions.[658]

[There are more details explaining this “criminal behavior” of Donald Trump here; and here.]

So in conclusion Mitch-I-Do-Whatever-Trump-Wants-McConnell:

If you don’t find the “Impeachment Clause” of the Constitution itself, a persuasive statement of Law;   if you don’t find “Bribery” to help rig the next election, to be a criminal act …

Perhaps you should look for another line of work?

Remember ‘Moscow’, all the people who covered-up for Nixon — went to Jail.

And the only “actual crime” in that 70’s scandal was an attempted break-in to a “File Cabinet”.

The current cover-up goes much much farther than that:  Russia hacked multiple servers and used that private information to tilt the last Election. In contrast, the recent bribery scheme in Ukraine was an attempt by Trump to blame Ukraine, instead of Russia for the 2016 successful “break-ins” into Democratic databases and servers.  With another bonus-Quo of this bribery scheme being:  to provide Trump with another false rally-cry in 2020, similar to “Lock her up!”  chant in 2016 … Something very personally valuable, to dishonest Donald Trump.

[Hillary had her name cleared recently by the way. So much for all those 2016 Trump Lies.  Oh well. ]

Americans don’t look kindly on cheaters.  We don’t look kindly on Election-rigging either.

So Dear Mitch, either get with the program and fulfill the sworn duties that your High Office demands — or expect an arrest warrant with your name on, from a Harris DOJ, circa 2021.

It’s your personal liability that hangs in the balance, Mc-Know-Nothing-Turtle

Just ask these guys … how like liked ‘doing their time’ — for a Dirtbag?


Then maybe, ask Justice Roberts, how seriously he takes all this ‘Donald Hi-Jinks’.

Whether they rise to the level of “actual” High Crimes, in his esteemed judgment?

— —

Is this finally what the GOP has descended to:
<em>Russian Money, Russian Rules</em> … ?
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Sid Waxman
Sid Waxman

I am so looking forward to that criminal trio (sTrumpet, “Mitch, his bitch”, and the lovely Lindsay) going to prison in 2022 after all their appeals were thrown back in their faces.


Well said, But will it make any difference?

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah Mitch trumpist McConnell. There are plenty of criminal acts that trump committed. And maybe we should look at putting you behind bars for enabling his corrupt behavior. Remember almost everyone but Nixon went to jail. Now that would cover a highly corrupt senator from Kentucky. And we also have his wife that’s been implicated in serious wrongdoing concerning her cabinet post under trump. All people from Kentucky have to do is ask and she doles out millions to them.