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We all thought we had left behind the presidency of stupidity with GW Bush, but now we are at a new low as we suffer through what projects to be the worst presidency in history.

On Thursday night, Trump triggered the libs or whatever by tweeting out this monument to ignorance. Scientists, climate action advocates and regular old people spent many a tweetstorm trying to explain that no, a cold snap in one part of the world does not disprove mountains of evidence that the climate is changing due to human carbon pollution. They also pointed out that Trump has yet to bring a science advisor onboard, and that this is the longest National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA have gone without formal chiefs.

A valiant effort for sure, and one that may net a few followers, but here’s the thing. Nothing is going to change Trump’s dumb stance. This is who he is, a guy who can’t see what’s beyond his own small world, hasn’t met a conspiracy theory he doesn’t like, and takes pleasure in the politics of grievances.

The people he has appointed deny or dodge on basic climate science. And most tellingly, he’s been tweeting variants of this derpy tweet for years, including 2014, 2015 and 2016, the three hottest years ever recorded. We dug up a sampling (h/t to atmospheric scientist Ryan Maue for the idea).

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  1. I despise trump. I hated him before he ran for president. I hated him while he was running for president. I hate him now. I’ll hate him when he leaves office. I’ll hate him when he’s dead. I’ll probably hate him when I’m dead. I hate to see his face. I hate to hear his voice. I’d love to hear that he was assassinated. He’s the most ignorant person I’ve ever seen in office. A pox upon his lard ass.

    • Well, I was thinking more in terms of something prolonged, painful, and publicly humiliating. How about Trump being made to suffer each of the many humiliations and deprivations that he has caused to others, ONE AFTER ANOTHER, including transgender restroom discrimination, raking forests, being a college rape victim, cleaning Puerto Rico using paper towels, etc. And no golf breaks. Learn compassion through suffering, or else … what?

    • Im an Aussie, 20,000kl away and i hate him like you do. Hes the most “Evil” person on the planet. Wheres a “Lee Harvey Oswald!!, when u need one..✌️


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