I thought that many here would want to know.

We know about the shooter and we know about his parents.

But i’ve only seen their names in one of the dozen diaries….. most referring to them as ‘the latest victims.’

Not that they are not thought of.

Yet another school shooting.

And in my experience, most diaries have concentrated on the shooter and/or his parents, and the ease of which guns are available in this country.

The diaries, and the corresponding comment threads, evolved or dissolved into righteous anger and the demand for accountability.

And i completely understand.

But i also know that many of the families and friends of the victims of hate and intolerance and insanity read the diaries here at Daily Kos.

It’s actually a very large site.

It reaches a lot of people.

Just last week, a family member of one of Kyle’s victims joined just to be able to private message me to thank not just me, but the community, for changing the narrative and honouring their loved one.

The family broke down in tears and gratitude.

They also read the diaries and comments that allowed the RWTP’s to take hold here, and it broke their hearts.

Your comments are read, and by those that you would never expect.

And it makes an impact on those that read them.

From a moment of blessed thankfulness and connectedness to furthering deep despondency.

So if we can, just for one diary, focus our loving energies and kind and heartbroken thoughts on four young people……. 

 ….. Justin Shilling, Hana St. Juliana, Madisyn Baldwin, and Tate Myre….

…. and those that knew and loved them.


 Justin Shilling was a scholar.

He was awarded a university scholarship and was part of the Baccalaureate program offered by the Oxford School District.

He co- captained the high school bowling team and the golf team…… he really enjoyed golf, and looked forward to being on the green.

It was like Zen for him.

And all to often, rarer then he liked, because he juggled three jobs amongst his studies.

One of those, Lebanese restaurant Anita’s Kitchen, has many Oxford High students as employees, and posted a message of their deep sorrow and loss.

Said his family, “His potential was boundless in life and yet in death he continues to give of himself as an organ donor.

We feel the world can’t have too much of Justin.”

Justin was pronounced dead Wednesday at Pontiac’s McLaren Oakland Hospital.

His family honoured Justin’s decision to donate his organs to Gift of Life.

“His body was kept alive until the organs could be harvested Friday”, said David Jones, a hospital spokesman.

And on that Friday, whilst that harvesting was underway…… outside the hospital, looking up just in case a family member was looking out……



Justin’s uncle Kevin created a GoFundMe account to help cover medical expenses for him.
“I cannot describe to you the grief that our family is feeling from this senseless and unimaginable tragedy.
If you would like to make a donation, I can assure that the funds will be used to honor the memory of this wonderful young man that has been taken from us far too soon.

The loss of Justin leaves such a gaping hole in our family that we cannot conceive of life without him.”

Justin was 17.


Art was Madisyn Baldwin’s passion.

She loved to sketch and paint and read.

She had just transferred to the school for her senior year, was set to graduate and was already accepted to many colleges….. some offered her full scholarships.

She hadn’t yet decided which one to choose.

To be closer to home or to spread her wings.

Madisyn was the eldest of three siblings, and acted it….. always co parenting to her younger half-brother Payton, and her two sisters Liam and Brinley.

Her grandmother, Jennifer Graves Mosqueda, created a GoFundMe campaign.
“This beautiful, smart, sweet loving girl was tragically taken from us all today leaving a huge hole in all of our hearts ….. .
This horrific day could never have been imagined or planned for.
My daughter and son-in-law would never ask for anything during this time, however I want them to be able to be with each other, their other children and family during this time without worrying about work, bills and arrangements.” 
For her funeral, In lieu of flowers, Madisyn’s family asked for donations to be made in her name to “Autism Speaks.” 
Madisyn was 17.


Tate Myre was more than a football and wrestling star.

He was a hero.

 When multiple students ran away when the gunfire started……Tate ran toward the gunman.

He rushed the shooter. 

“I was told that everybody in that school was running one way, and Tate was running the other way,” said his coach Ross Wingert.

Toward the shooting.

Said Ross, “Knowing Tate, knowing how he was raised, he’s the kind of kid that wouldn’t think about it twice.”

Beyond being on the varsity teams even as a freshman, Tate was an honors student with a 3.9 gpa.

Tate’s older brother Ty…. 

“My life has been broken just like that.
Never in my life will I feel this pain again. This still isn’t right it can’t be. I miss you with everything in my heart Tate. What I would do to see to one more time.
Listen to your voice one more time, block for you one more time, wrestle one more time. I had such high hopes for your future and I couldn’t wait to see you make your dream come true and for me to be right by your side along that road.”
An online petition has called for the school’s stadium to be renamed after Tate.
“Tate is not just a hero to his fellow students at Oxford High School but a legend, his act of bravery should be remembered forever and passed down through generations, he put his life in danger to try and help the thousands of other students at Oxford High School,” it says in part.
Tate died in a patrol car while being transported to the hospital by a deputy, who has a son of his own.

The Michigan Wolverines and Detroit Lions will take special steps this weekend to honor the victims in the Oxford High School shooting that took place in the state this week.

The Wolverines will wear a special patch in the Big Ten championship game Saturday, and the Lions will have a helmet decal and wear special T-shirts during their game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

To pay tribute to those victims and the local community, Michigan will wear a patch in the shape of a “Block O” to represent Oxford and will feature the initials “TM” and the number 42 with four blue hearts below it.

The “TM 42” pays tribute to Tate Myre, a sophomore football player at Oxford who was one of the four students killed. The other three victims being honored through the four hearts on the patch are Hana St. Juliana, a basketball and volleyball player; Madisyn Baldwin, an aspiring artist; and Justin Shilling, a member of the bowling and golf teams.

Ross sent a text message to several of his fellow coaches and friends the night of the shooting.

 He wanted to tell them all about Tate.

Tate was 16.


Hana St, Juliana was a freshman, but had already made the Oxford volleyball team and had been playing front row on the team.

 She also played on the school’s basketball team and made her debut the night before she was killed.

The team shared a tribute on Wednesday to her.

“…..we play for you, Hana.”

Hana loved to cook…..it was a burgeoning passion.

And, she volunteered for everything.

Her father described her  as “one of the happiest and most joyful kids,”……but their families friend and neighbor Jennifer Curtis had this to say to give us some insight……


Hana was the youngest of the young victims….

…. she was but 14.

Of course, this doesn’t begin to encapsulate them.

It just scratches the surface of who they were, and who we lost.

Yet again.

They are the reason we fight.

To mourn.

To not give up when it all seems so bleak.

Your love, your thoughts and prayers and tears……

Your resolve to not allow this to continue time and time again…..

Let’s not forget the power we possess.

Individually and collectively.

We won’t allow them to go unrecognized, or to die in vain.

For a moment though, let us grieve together.

And send whatever energies and love towards them and their loved ones.

And for those who were shot but survived.

And for those who witnessed what no one should have to witness.

Send it out to the universe!

Don’t worry about the address.

It’ll all find the right destination.

Put your lights on.

Keep your lights on.

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