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I’m writing this to put this out there on the record somewhere so maybe people here and on the left will take note and not fall for the same trap that happened last year in 2016. This isn’t about believing or not believing victims of sexual assault. This isn’t about if Al Franken should have or shouldn’t have done the photo or skit. This is about a coordinated campaign from the right to run interference for Roy Moore by discrediting/smearing as many Dems as possible so to obfuscate very real accusations of sexual assault.

Because a disinformation campaign has started and the Breitbart/Alt-Right trolls are in full force now on twitter and elsewhere weaponizing the #Metoo movement. 

Roy Stone knew well ahead of time that Al Franken was going to be accused of something. He posted this on his sockpuppet twitter account last night. 

And that’s not all. Infowars predicted this as well.

So the question becomes, why would Roger Stone know about this accusation ahead of time? The same Roger Stone who a year ago in October predicted there would be a shocking revelation regarding John Podesta, and a day later Wikileaks began releasing his emails onto the web? Why would Infowars be privy to this ahead of time?

And furthermore, what’s the meaning of this tweet from Roger Stone’s other sockpuppet account?

A “long list of Democrats?” So Stone has a list of Dems accused of “grabby” behavior?

Does any of this sound familiar? Deja Vu anybody? 

It is extremely important for our side to stay true to our principles. But it is also important for us to realize the new age of weaponized online disinformation campaigns coordinated by rightwing operatives. We cannot be gullible or unwilling to look at the source, especially when said source is a Fox News conservative commentator associated with Sean Hannity who is ALSO connected to operatives who have stated their intent to use our own tools against us.

Like Roger Stone.

We cannot fall victim to the same tricks and trolling that was first used on us in 2016. So please. Be cognizant of what’s going on and who’s working to try and take our members down. Because it’s not going to stop. 

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