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I was heartened yesterday to hear Senator Chris Coons tell MSNBC that the Democrats in the Senate were hell bent on getting the Wyden-Klobuchar bill paying for and expanding vote-by-mail to all 50 states into the upcoming Senate stimulus package, and failing that, the House plans to introduce it as am amendment. This is something that should grow legs, as more and more cities and even states go into basically a lockdown state, and the election looms closer.

There is a reason that it’s becoming more and more important. As the coronavirus pandemic worsens, and the Trump administration careens further and further out of control in its response, Trump’s reelection chances are going to dim like a candle stub. If this goes through the summer, watch for His Lowness to try to use it to push off the election, he won’t be able to stop himself. And God knows, his own personal lawyer tried that same lame shit to stay in power in New York longer after 9/11, until he got slapped down by the state.

Trump has already sacrificed his two greatest  pleasures at the altar of the coronavirus, golf, and mass rallies. Oh sure, El Pendejo President could still hop on up to Camp David and play a round or two there, but what’s the point? After all, half the fun of playing golf is listening to the lovely sound of KA-CHING while you’re ripping off the American taxpayers for your Secret Service detail’s food and lodging. And with the pounding that Trump is taking over the coronacirus response, can you imagine what his schedule would be like if cities and states weren’t banning large gatherings? He’d be on the road 7 days a week, a different rally every night to sooth his ravaged ego.

If this crisis goes deep into the summer, Trump will have no choice except to try to find a way around the ban on mass gatherings. It’s just that simple. Because, here’s the big difference between the Democrats and Trump in this election. Biden and Sanders are trying to talk to every American, That can easily be accomplished by things like prime time speeches, and online town halls and rallies. But for Trump to be effective, he must have huge crowds at mass rallies. That’s the only way it works for him.

Try this simple experiment, and you’ll see what I mean. As much as you all try to avoid it, you’ve all seen clips of Trump rallies. Close your eyes, and recall one, any one, they’re all the same. There’s Trump, standing behind a podium, trying to rewrite Jabberwock, while 15,000 empty headed spastics scream and yell and jump up and down like they have honey badgers in their underwear. That’s enough! Open your eyes, and take a deep breath. A shot of tequila should help. Now, close your eyes again and re-imagine the same scene, but with only Trump in the room. See what I mean? Without the crowd for a soundtrack, it sounds exactly like it is, nonsensical gibberish.

Now, to complete the experiment, close your eyes, and imagine 15,000 Trumpista’s sitting their living rooms, and watching that second rally on tv. Half of the Trump experience is the crowd feeding off of themselves, and each other. Trump may be saying the same old, lame shit, but without each other to hoot and holler, and slap on the back, what’s the point? How long do you think that they’d watch a rally with no external stimuli, only the disjointed ramblings of Glorious Bleater?

Because keep this in mind. One of the things that health professionals, you know, the ones Trump argues with all the time, are worried about is that since there is no vaccine, the coronavirus could well recede for the summer, only to roar back in the fall. What happens if it abates in June, restrictions are lifted, and things go back to normal? And then, in September, a couple of kids bring it to school, and we’re right back off to the races again. Joe Biden can speak to every intelligent person in the country through the medium of television, and get his points across with no problems. But Trump doesn’t speak to Americans, he bellows to his base. And when he does, if he doesn’t have 15,000 slobbering Trumpkins screaming and yelling, and making the home crowd wish they were there, then Trump has nothing to sell. Which means that his botched response to the coronabirus may have helped to sink his reelection campaign. And with that kind of irony, you can build a bridge from San Francisco to Tokyo.

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  1. Well he is doing ok with his daily comments, screaming at intelligent news people who are asking him questions he has no answer for. He stands up and lies, lies, lies again. He insists that people get the malaria drug Some drug company will profit from the virus and he will get a BIG contribution to his pocketbook. Hotels will make out ok Surprised? No. Then oil and airlines . But doctor, nurses etc will die because he will not get off the stage and get the supplies they deserve. So that means many good people will die from the virus or even starve. Is it wrong to hate him as much as I do. If I could go to church I would ask my minister. Stay Safe everyone we have a lot to do in the next months.


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