A Bridge Too Far

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Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.
Galatians 6:7

The Lioness of Justice shall roar no more. My eyes are finally dry. While I mourn her passing, the incredible legacy she leaves behind sill live long after the pangs of sadness at her passing are gone. For me she will always be Notorious RGB. Anybody who knows Ruth Bader Ginsberg knows that if there is one thing she never backed down from, it was a good, old fashioned b are knuckles brawl. That being said, she is, by now, sitting back far above, with the microwave popping up the extra butter Orville Redenbachers, and ready to watch the WWE Battle Royale Cage Match ab out to take place.

Mitch McConnell is finally about to be hoist on his own petard. He held the Scalia seat open for more than 400 days until the people had their choice, and now he is the exact opposite position. And now McConnell is looking at a Supreme Court vacancy only 46 days from the general election. And Chuck Schumer has already used his own 2016 words against him.

In October of 2018, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham told reporters, that if there were a SCOTUS vacancy in the last year of the first Trump term, he would not consider naming a replacement before the election, specifically noting that he would likely be the Senate Judiciary Chair by then. He even said Hold the tape. Well, Graham is now the chair of the Senate Judiciary committee, and he is about to be held to his word.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already laid down his marker. He released a statement saying that a Trump appointee would receive a vote on the floor of the Senate before the election. And in doing so, he bit off more than he can chew.

Graham is already on record, and he is in a 48-48 dogfight with Jamie Harrison in South Carolina for his political life. Susan Collins is so far underwater in Maine that she needs a ballast suit, and part of that is her vote to confirm Brewski
Brett Kavanaugh. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has already said that she thinks that there should be no vote before the November election. Thom Tillis is behind in North Carolina, Joni Ernst is behind in Iowa. Corey Gardner is already a dead man walking in Colorado. All of them expressed a reluctance for the cheap shot maneuver that McConnell pulled, and swore that it would not become a tradition.

And it’s not just them. There has been a long and bitter debate as to whether there is actually a Republican party anymore, or if it has been enveloped into the  Party of Trump. And that rift is about to be fully exposed.

For instance, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski has already said that she will not vote for a replacement before the election. I find it inconceivable that Utah Senator Mitt Romney would take part in such a cynical grab, even though he was not in the Senate in 2016. senator Ben Sasse gas been careful in choosing his opportunities, but has repeatedly criticized Trump. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio has also chosen his spots. But these Senators are clearly looking at a GOP following the reign of Trump. and this is a place where they can be comfortable to make a stand. Especially if they’re looking at the polling, and seeing the likelihood of the Democrats taking over the Senate in November.

This is going to play out over weeks to come. But if Mitch McConnell thinks that his caucus is just going to fall right into line and back his craven power play, after he put them in mortal peril in the first place, he’s got another thought coming. This is by no means over.

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John Johnson
John Johnson



McConnell is committing political suicide..

J. M.
J. M.

moscow is a hideous, vile, putrid, demon.