‘A Breath of Fresh Air’ as Pamela Anderson Takes Meghan McCain to Task Over US War Crimes

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Friday’s edition of The View became the site of an argument about war crimes, the U.S. military, and WikiLeaks as actress Pamela Anderson and program co-host Meghan McCain battled during Anderson’s appearance on the hit daytime talk show.

The dispute began when View hosts attacked Anderson for her unwavering support of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks. McCain pounced, claiming that Assange is merely a “cyber terrorist.”

“He hacked information,” McCain said. “His leaks included classified documents that put our national security at risk, our military, and the lives of spies and diplomats at risk.”

Anderson replied by pointing out that the U.S. military, not WikiLeaks, is responsbile for the deaths of many innocent people around the world.

“How many people have the American government killed innocently and how many has Wikileaks?” Anderson asked. “The military has put many innocent lives at risk.”

That response spurred a cheer from the audience.

“Oh, calm down, sir,” McCain snapped at one boisterous supporter.

Later in the discussion, McCain extolled the virtues of American spies and intelligence officers and asked if Anderson was concerned for their safety from Assange leaking information to the public.

“Well, there’s no evidence he’s put anyone at risk,” said Anderson. “And I think people like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning are heroes.”

Progressive reaction online to the argument focused on Anderson’s effective batting away of McCain’s right-wing talking points.

“What a breath of fresh air!!” Splinter managing editor Katherine Kreuger wrote in her recap of the argument.

“Pamela Anderson talking about how war crimes need to be punished and of course Meghan McCain is crying about it,” said Twitter user @Millerheighlife.

In a rare omission, Meghan McCain did not mention that her father was late war hawk Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) during the discussion.

Watch Anderson’s appearance:

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Frank Sterle Jr.
Frank Sterle Jr.
Regarding news-media and commentator distractions … According to a July 20, 2017 article posted by The Free Thought Project, world-renowned linguist and cognitive scientist Noam Chomsky is quoted as stating in an interview that Russiagate is a contrived pseudo-scandal that only serves as a distraction from the actual scandalous happenings that are taking place on a daily basis in Washington, D.C., and only serve to embolden the “rich and powerful.” He specifically uses the configuration of the cabinet as an example: “Take a look at the cabinet. The cabinet was designed that way. Every cabinet official was chosen to destroy… Read more »
Sick of the Con
Sick of the Con
Both is occurring and has occurred. There is nothing new about Cons desire to ruin anything that is not a rich white male. What is new is a foreign government aided an incompetent grifter into stealing the American government. The cabinet people they chose ( the Russians) are helping the rich republicans, but the rich Russians as well. The fact that the Koch republicans and Putin’s ideology is not congruent is laughable. Their is no redirects. All of this scandal is happening at once. We have to prioritize the real scandals and ignore the fake media made scandals ( trump’s… Read more »

I can’t say that I care for Pamela Anderson but care even less for Megan McCain.