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When former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks ‘was asked in May, if she could make an Obstruction case against President Trump — she said she thought she could.’

Now she is saying with the current evidence available,  “I know I can.”

There is so much evidence now.  It’s not just one piece, it’s the total picture.

The pieces of the puzzle are fitting together and they spell:  Obstruction.”


Watergate prosecutor says she could bring an obstruction case against Trump

This week marked a “tipping point,” says Jill Wine-Banks.

by Michael Martin, —  January 05, 2018            


Wine-Banks said that even if Trump had no improper dealings with Russia, he could still face charges if he intended to obstruct the FBI’s inquiry. She compared it to Watergate: President Richard Nixon wasn’t involved in the initial burglary, but he was forced to resign after attempting to obstruct the investigation of it.

“You don’t need an underlying crime for the crime of obstruction,” she said. “To impede an investigation, whether you were part of the original crime or not, you have committed a separate crime: Obstruction of justice.”


She had previously warned that other Republican leaders’ attacks on the integrity of FBI agents could open them up to charges. “It is also a possible obstruction of justice, witness intimidation, and it’s obstructing justice by saying to agents, ‘You better not dig too deep, you better not find anything because I will attack you,'” she said last month.

Jill Wine-Banks:  [partial transcript]

If you impede an investigation, whether you were part of the original crime or not, you have committed a separate crimeObstruction of Justice.  

That’s what brought down President Nixon. He had nothing to do, as far as any evidence we know of even to this day, in the actual Break-in. What he was involved in was the Cover-up, and the Obstruction of Justice.

And that’s what it looks like with President Trump.

Or to put it bluntly, in the vernacular of the last few decades:

“It’s the Cover-up, Stupid!”

When will crooks and con-artists ever learn this lesson?

From Donald Trump’s clumsy attempts to block the Russia Investigation, it is plainly obvious that Donald Trump is — No student of History.

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