Whoa. Rep. Curbelo wants to be sure he gets credit as the first Republican to mention impeachment


Wow. This Mother Jones story has a correction attached that shows how far Donald Trump has fallen. The article reports on Republican members of Congress who have said that Trump could have committed impeachable offenses. The correction:

* Correction: This article previously stated that [Justin] Amash was the first Republican to suggest that Trump’s alleged actions could be grounds for impeachment. Following publication, a spokeswoman for [Carlos] Curbelo contacted Mother Jones to point out that “Congressman Curbelo was actually the first Republican to mention impeachment.”

That is a Republican trying to be sure he gets credit—from a liberal publication—for having been the first to mention the possibility of impeaching a Republican president. 

Amash likes to do his own thing and show he’s independent, decidedly not from the left. But Curbelo is in a district Hillary Clinton carried easily, and he’s running scared. Very, very scared … but he also likely wouldn’t say this if he didn’t think things were going to get much worse for Trump.

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