Watch what happens when Muslim meets Deplorable at Trader Joe’s


Nothing good, unless you count blatant racism, lies about Obama, and some completely made-up crap about Obama as good.

Here is the video:

WATCH: Muslim woman harassed while standing in line at a #TraderJoes in Reston, Virginia. If you know the harasser, please DM me.

— Yashar (@yashar) May 7, 2017


For the video challenged the skinny is this.

On Sunday, freelance journalist and contributor to Mother Jones, the Daily Beast and New York magazine Yashar Ali posted a disturbing video captured by a Muslim woman who was cruelly harassed by a blonde woman in line at a Trader Joe’s store in Reston, VA.

“Muslim woman harassed while standing in line at a #TraderJoes in Reston, Virginia. If you know the harasser, please DM me.,” Ali wrote.

As the video begins, the confrontation is already underway. A blonde woman in jeans and a gray cardigan sweater accused the Muslim woman of “playing dumb” and said, “I’ve got it.”

“I shouldn’t have let you in front of me,” said the woman filming.

I wish they didn’t let you in the country,” snapped the harasser.

“Excuse me? I was born here,” replied the Muslim woman.

“Oh, you were?” the blonde woman said. “Obama’s not in office anymore. We don’t have a Muslim in there anymore. He’s gone, he’s gone. He may be in jail, too.

“You look a little crazy,” the woman filming said. “Maybe you need to get some help.”

“Oh, I’m fine,” the other woman replied as the woman filming explained that it’s not normal to strike up hateful conversations with strangers in line at the grocery store.

Yeah, it’s not normal.  Certainly not at Trader Joe’s IMO.

At the end the woman asks if it was the thing about “Obama” that set her off, and I admit that I’m still astounded at the cluelessness of this statement.  I think it was the part where she told someone they didn’t belong in America because of their religion when they were born here that might have been the “trigger.”

Randomly attacking Obama, then wrongly accusing him of being Muslim — which he isn’t — is just bonus suck sauce.  Then we get the “He may be in Jail, too” thing?   What exactly the holy frack is that supposed to be about?  What’s the crime, not being Muslim while former Presidenting?

It should be easy to just blow this off as an isolated incident.  [Well, except for the infamous Michael’s and Starbucks incidents and the recent spike in hate crimes against immigrants and minorities.]  Sure, this is just one mouthy woman in the middle of a store who just couldn’t restrain herself at the horrid sight of a head scarf.  Unless you then consider things like this:

Two-thirds of voters with a favorable opinion of Donald Trump  believe President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a quarter of them believe that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered, a poll released Tuesday shows.  

The Public Policy Polling  survey showed 59 percent of those who said they viewed the presumptive Republican presidential nominee favorably think Obama was not born in the United States and only 13 percent believe he’s a Christian.  

So maybe it’s not so “isolated” at all.

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