Watch Republican shocks panel saying Trump not intelligent enough to be President


Donald Trump is losing his mojo as his poll numbers fall. Many Republicans are no longer concerned about justifiably slamming him with inconvenient truths. This Republican questioned Trump’s intellect at length.

Former Republican Florida Congressman David Jolly did not mince his words in this excerpted video as he told the truth about Trump many are attempting to run away from as fast as they can. He appeared on CNN with a narrative that holds a lot of weight given his political affiliation.

“There is a bigger issue here I think the anxiety of the American people are wrestling with,” David Jolly said. “Which is, whether or not this president is intellectually qualified to be president of the United States. There is a credibility issue, yes. He is never, part of his ego, going to apologize for false claims. He is going to make more false claims. The question is, are we dealing with a president who is, electorally qualified of course, but intellectually qualified.”

“You are saying he is not smart enough,” the CNN host Poppy Harlow interjected.

“Look at how he has,” Jolly continued. “I think he is learning about his healthcare bill.”

“What do you mean by intellect,” Harlow interjected again uncharacteristically upset as if it isn’t a known fact. “That is quite a charge. What do you mean by intellectually.”

“I think he is worrying about his own health care bill,” Jolly continued. “Listening to you Poppy and Chris in the morning. This is not a president who practices in details nor understand the finer points of domestic policy or foreign policy. So when he throws out a wiretap charge, what does that mean? Yes, we know he is lying about that. But it means he doesn’t understand what a FISA court is. He does not understand he just made an allegation of a felony. He does not understand that he is rippling the credibility of the United States on the world stage. That speaks to more than credibility. It speaks to intellect.”

Rick Santorum was caught off guard and apparently forgot that the person making the statement is a Republican. He started to stammer and then accuse the commenter with “this is what the left does.”

“That is just absurd,” Rick Santorum said. “The President of the United States, ah, should. I mean, this is what the Left does. I mean they always take a situation. And then they go one step too far.”

“It’s from your fellow Republican,” Harlow interjected.

“Well I just think it is an absurd claim,” Santorum replied. “To suggest the president doesn’t have the intellect to be president.”

Just maybe the house of cards, Trump cards, are falling.

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