Watch Not Simon and Garfunkel Skewer drumpf – Confound "The Sound of Science."

Adrian Bonthuys / YouTube TRUMP The Sound of Science...
Adrian Bonthuys / YouTube

The lyrics are genius, the music really well done.

Watch the above two from the  “Parody Project” expertly roast drumpf and his minions with “The Sound of Science”.

“Hello darkness my old friend. 
It’s time for him to tweet again, 
but first he’ll have to check in with Fox news 
‘cause that’s the only place he gets his views. 
That’s how things get planted in his brain, 
where they remain, 
and it confounds the science.

The problem is he’s not alone. 
He tweets to people on his phone 
that global warming is a giant hoax 
perpetuated by the liberal folks, 
and he hires people that all think the same, 
that play his game 
and it confounds the science.”

Good job guys!

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