Trump, the Embarrassment-in-Chief

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Screencapture / YouTube

May 29, 2017, at Arlington Cemetery is a sacred day: Memorial Day. This is a day dedicated to honoring those who gave their lives for their country: the men and women of the Armed Forces and the Intelligence Services. Not all are brought home for burial, not all are known. Those who worked undercover served in silence and died in silence. They too are honored.

It’s a sacred day and one that should be observed with solemnity and humility.

But America finds herself in interesting times on this somber day. She has not a president to lead her people in solemn remembrance but a doltish fool, a privileged prig of a man who used a fake medical condition to evade service.

He has a greater debt to those being honored than most so dignity was the least that was expected of him.

But he was not dignified. He was an embarrassment.


“Then they'll play the National Anthem. That part's easy. Just stand still.”
“Got it.”

— shauna (@goldengateblond) May 29, 2017



For those who are unable to see Twitter video, here it is from YouTube:

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