Trump retweets racists, fascists, and the man who held up a ‘Rape Melania’ sign

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Donald Trump has repeatedly maintained that his Twitter feed is vital for providing him a direct connection to the public, unfiltered by the media. That gives him the opportunity to share pure expressions of his deeply held beliefs.

What were those thoughts in the last twenty-four hours since the words “racism is evil” were finally dragged from Trump’s mouth?

  • That he intends to let a brutal sheriff who repeatedly went beyond the law and conducted racisl profiling go with a nice pat on the head.

  • And that the free press deserves …

Trump just re-tweeted this image, of a CNN journalist being killed, run over by a train 3 days after a woman was killed, run over by a car.

— Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) August 15, 2017


Yes. That’s Trump supporting running down a journalist. This comes just hours after Trump refused to answer questions from a CNN reporter about an act of terrorism in which one of his supporters drove a car into a crowd, injuring 19 and killing paralegal Heather Heyer. 

As a retweet, the post also gives a sense of just who Trump is reading on Twitter. The source would be this account from an “independent thinker and truth seeker” who posts plenty of “I love Trump” images, but also contends that Charlottesville was a “false flag” operation, in which KKK members were actors hired off of Craigslist. Oh, and she supports Nazis.

“UniteTheRight gets permit, peaceful but pushed out by violent Left groups (ANTIFA/BLM). Local govt may be complicit.”

Trump has since deleted the train-running-over-reporter tweet, but the morning’s activity shows that Trump’s Twitter habits including reading, as well as writing, fascist posts suggesting violent solutions to the “problem” of a free press.

But if the run-over-reporters post was odd, it wasn’t nearly as deranged as Trump’s choice to retweet this post from Jack Posobiec.

Meanwhile: 39 shootings in Chicago this weekend, 9 deaths. No national media outrage. Why is that?

— Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) August 14, 2017


Jack Posobiec is one of the people behind the “Pizzagate” hoax, creating a disgusting and disturbing story of child sexual abuse that led to threats of violence and an armed supporter showing up to threaten innocent people. He’s also the guy who went this far.

Less than a week after the 2016 presidential election, a Trump supporter named Alan Beck tweeted two photographs of an anti-Trump protest in Washington, DC, in which a hooded figure held aloft a sign reading “Rape Melania.” …  the “Rape Melania” sign was not the work of an anti-Trump protester at all. Instead, according to sources, it was the brainchild of a group of Trump supporters led by Jack Posobiec, one of the organizers of the controversial DeploraBall inauguration party and a prominent figure in the pro-Trump internet.

So Donald Trump is retweeting posts from a man who went to a rally and held up a sign saying people should rape his wife. There really do seem to be many sides suggesting violence … and they’re all Trump supporters.

Like the kill-the-free-press tweet, Trump has since deleted his retweet of Posobiec’s “ignore the Nazis” post.

But that didn’t finish off the strange retweets from Trump in the last day. On Monday evening he re-tweeted a link to an article suggesting that he was considering a pardon for convicted, racist sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio’s widely publicized tactics included forcing inmates to wear pink underwear and housing them in desert tent camps where temperatures often climbed well past 100 degrees Fahrenheit. He also controversially brought back chain gains, including a voluntary chain gang for women prisoners.

That’s from the article that Trump linked. But since Trump doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with abusing and humiliating people, he’s all for Arpaio. The disgraced sheriff has repeatedly violated court orders, openly carried out racial profiling, and cost his county millions in law suits that he lost through his disregard for the law, racism, and brutality. He’s the perfect person to receive Donald Trump’s first pardon.

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