Trump golfs (again) and the rest of the family jets off for a costly vacation ski weekend in Aspen


While Donald Trump spent his weekend playing golf for the tenth time in eight weeks, the rest of the family reportedly jetted off to Aspen, Colorado. From The Aspen Times:

The Trump family is expected to arrive in Aspen late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, along with about 100 Secret Service agents, a source said.

“It’s a big gathering,” the source said.

Another Aspen area law enforcement source said the Trump visitors to Aspen will include Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump and their families. That source, however, said the number of agents in town will likely be quite a bit less than 100.

100 agents? That can’t be cheap. Sounds like a lovely U.S. taxpayer-funded family weekend. Ivanka’s had a busy week of meeting with world leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel in her role as………..? As of yet she has no official role, but she keeps finding her way to meetings. Now she’ll relax and meet her brothers, who are running Trump’s companies now, and they will most definitely not talk business. Pinky swear!

Whether it is 100 agents or 50 agents, we seem to have endless money to fly Trump and his family, along with a high security contingent, to vacation spots and Trump-branded properties around the world. One of those adult children, Ivanka Trump is married to Jared Kushner, an actual billionaire. Couldn’t the family be picking up their own security tab? Reimbursing the working class voters they claim to represent?

Of course, it should be noted that somehow we can afford all of this travel and protection, but we cannot afford to deliver food and smile to millions of elderly homebound citizens. When will taxpayers say “enough!”?

Meanwhile, Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo told the Aspen Daily News the county was not working with the Secret Service:

He didn’t know much about their itinerary, as the U.S. Secret Service has not contacted him about the visit, DiSalvo said.

Regardless, he said he would not offer his department’s aid for their visit.

“We’re doing absolutely nothing,” DiSalvo said of assisting the Secret Service. “Our responsibility is to the president and the first lady, not friends or family members.”

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