Trump fires missiles w/o Congress—suddenly cares about Syrians? No. He’s found the #1 distraction


And here we go.

Earlier this week, chemical warfare was used to kill over 80 Syrian innocent civilians (including children) many who suffocated to death. Vladimir Putin and/or Syria’s dictator Assad are allegedly responsible. Donald Trump is under critical investigation for his ties with Putin. And now suddenly, SUDDENLY Trump cares about the lives of Syrian Muslims after banning them from entering the United States for life-saving refuge and after vilifying them for over a year.

On Thursday night Trump fired dozens of missiles onto a Syrian airbase without Congressional approval. It was about an hour after dining with China’s president at Trump’s resort in Florida (at the expense of American tax-payers  — while enriching himself and his family).

Of course, U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley prepped the world for this at the United Nations on Wednesday with her photos and statement, “We might have to take action.”

Trump pounds and pumps his chest. He’s ready — he wants war. It’s the perfect distraction to his Russian investigation, the perfect distraction

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