Trump Thinks He’s Prince Charming, Demands Royal Carriage Ride for UK Visit


The Donald has decided he should have a carriage ride with the Queen while visiting the UK this fall.  According to the International Business Times, the White House has more than hinted that he wants to be in a carriage procession up the Mall. 

UK security sources have warned that it poses a “monster” security operation, according to a Times report, leading to a lockdown of areas in central London.

The Metropolitan Police are preparing for one of the largest public order operations in years, as hundreds of thousands of people are expected to come to Westminster to protest at Trump’s state visit, which was postponed from earlier this year.

The Diamond Jubiliee State Carriage has bullet-proof glass covered with gold leaf and 24 carat diamond handles, but it can only withstand an attack of a hand grenade. 

In contrast , POTUS 44 in 2011 arrived at Buckingham Palace in a bomb-and-bulletproof vehicle, which according to the Times of London:

“The vehicle which carries the president of the United States is a spectacular vehicle. It is designed to withstand a massive attack, like a low-level rocket grenade.

If that weren’t embarrassing enough, Prince Charming wants tea with Princess Kate and a round of golf at Balmoral.   The only redeeming tourist attraction he wants to view while on State business is the Churchill War Rooms.    If anyone has been to the War Rooms,  one would notice there is a lot of print to read and the rooms are not regal in any way.   And Trump doesn’t possess the leadership of Churchill either, let alone thinking he is Prince Charming.  

Edit:  Trump isn’t allowed to address Parliament while visiting. 

Update: People magazine reports that WH denies the claim and hasn’t even started prep for the trip. One petition with 1.86M signatures has been made to Parliament, requesting Trump not be allowed to make a state visit with the HMQ, citing embarrassment as the main reason. 

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